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Harmful consumption of depleted resources and ways to solve this problem


Harmful consumption of depleted resources and
ways to solve this problem
Chernikov Daniil 11"B"


Consequences of
Nowadays, humanity uses a large
amount of depleted resources, which
leads nature to extinction. Coal and oil
emit large amounts of carbon dioxide
into the atmosphere, which in turn not
only pollutes the air, but also destroys
the ozone layer. Thermal power plants
have a very strong impact on global
warming, and this leads to the melting
of glaciers and an increase in the level
of the world ocean. But what are the
ways to reduce such a harmful


Atomic energy
One of the best solutions to this problem
is nuclear power, which is safer than
conventional, which is more often used
now.What exactly is atomic energy?
Nuclear energy is also called as nuclear
energy, nuclear power , nuclear power or
nuclear energy. In induced nuclear fission,
an atomic nucleus of a uranium or
plutonium isotope, after absorbing a
neutron, decays into (usually) two lighter
nuclei (the fission fragments).


And there are
not without
It is often overlooked that the biggest problem of this type of
energy is its radioactivity, which terribly affects the nearby
area and destroys all living organisms. Also, the half-life of
uranium is a very short process , but after using uranium, its
radioactivity lasts even longer until uranium is disposed of.
And the construction of the plant itself is quite expensive
and consumes a huge amount of resources. But, despite all
this, nuclear facilities produce a huge amount of energy . An
additional advantage is also that some uranium samples can
be regenerated and reused after use . And the most
important advantage of such energy is that absolutely no
greenhouse effect occurs in the process.


But how can it be
made even safer?
Now, after all of the above, we can say
that nuclear power is very expensive and
quite dangerous . But what are the ways
to solve this problem? There is a solution
thorium , which is more environmentally
friendly than uranium . Now scientists
from all over the world have come to the
conclusion that another radioactive
element thorium can be used as a
resource instead of uranium, and such
plants are already being built. The first
advantage of thorium is that it is safer
and it can be easily stabilized in the event
of an error. Also, disposal is carried out
with the most minimal release of
radiation , which helps to treat nature
more gently. And the most important
advantage is that, unlike uranium , whose
half-life lasts 6 months, the half-life of
thorium is 10 years , which means that
much more energy can be obtained.


In summary, it can be said that
although nuclear energy is
dangerous for the environment,
but in the very near future,
nuclear energy will become the
energy of the future in the
construction of thorium
plants.The presentation is over
and I would like to thank you very
much for your attention. If you
have the questions, I am ready to
answer them.


Thank you for your attention
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