The interesting facts about the airports.
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the interesting facts about the airports

1. The interesting facts about the airports.


The oldest airport is in Berlin and carries the name "Tempelkhof". This airport was
constructed already in 1923 and experts consider that appearance of this airport
became a prototype for other airports of the world. In 2008 "Tempelkhof" tried to
close as its contents was economically not favorable to the city, however it wasn't
the result of a protest of locals, after all for them and visitors of tourists this airport
is local sight.


The most expensive airport in the world is located in Dubai and its total area
makes about 140 square kilometers. On construction of this airport a lot of money,
namely 8 billion dollars left. And in general Dubai is known not only because there
is the most expensive airport in the world. There are palm islands are huge and
very beautiful, after all not with is simple to look at them tourists from every
corner of the world gather.


The safest airport of the world is in Hong Kong. Besides, the trust is
inspired also by the Shandzhi airports in Singapore and "Incheon" in
Seoul that in South Korea. By the way, these airports don't concede
to the rest on comfortableness that is very important for those who
often flies.


Matekane runway that in Lesotho, is one of the shortest. To disperse or
ground the plane, only 416 meters and here the main thing are
allocated for the pilot not to miss and to make everything in time as
the strip goes straight to break 2 303 meters high.


The most awful airport of the world is in London and carries the
name "Heathrow". Awful it became because of continuous loss of
baggage of clients and the worthless organization of space. The
number awful was also filled up by the airports in Paris ("Charles de
Gaulle") and in Moscow (both "Sheremetyevo").
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