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The facts about London


The facts about London.
Lets go !


Fact 1
• Cars in London go on the left side of the
street, and radical Londoners are firmly
convinced that this side of the road – the most


Fact 2
• At the disposal of London is the whole five
international airports one of which –
Heathrow – is the most loaded airport of the


Fact 3
• In the downtown practically never happens
traffic jams - most likely because entrance to
the center of the capital paid


Fact 4
• The taxi driver in London to become very
difficult – in the city it is more than 1000
streets, and each taxi driver has to know them
by heart. For this purpose drivers of 3 years
take the special training courses


Fact 5
• On average each Londoner daily appears on
50 surveillance cameras and 15 tourist
pictures therefore inhabitants try to smile
more often here


Fact 6
• It is interesting that the quantity of capsules
for passengers symbolizes number of suburbs
of London — them 32. Each such "booth"
weighs about 10 tons, and can accomodate in
itself 25 people.


The facts about Great Britain


Fact 1
• And you know, what the
official holiday "Birthday of
the British monarch" doesn't
coincide with the actual date
of birth of the queen of Great
Britain? Elizabeth II was born
on April 21, but birthday is
officially celebrated on the
third Saturday of June.


Fact 2
• Distinctive feature of the British subway it is
possible to call that not only lines on schemes,
but also cars of different lines are painted in
the corresponding colors.


Fact 3
• Edinburgh was the house for Gray's Skye
Terrier of Frayerz Bobbie (Grey Friar's Bobby)
who won the hearts of the nation that sat on a
tomb of the late owner for 14 years.


Fact 4
• In England police officers are called by bobby.
The word happens on behalf of the prime
minister of Great Britain - Roberta Pilya (abbr.
from Robert - Bob or Bobbie).


Fact 5
• Lucky Daymond
Rich's person who is
most tattooed in the
world lives on the
island of Skye in
Scotland. 99,9% of a
surface of his skin
are covered with a
tattoo which repeats
a pattern of a skin of
a leopard.


Fact 6
• One of the most known Scottish drinks,
whisky, actually invented in China.


The facts about the USA


Fact 1
• flowers are on sale deshy in all supermarkets,
but men give them to women very seldom.
The flower brought on appointment will
suggest the girl an idea that the guy the loser
and desperately tries to win its arrangement.


Fact 2
• Potato chips at Americans are considered as
part of a dish — a garnish, as at Russians, for
example, fried potato.


Fact 3
• Traveling to other countries, Americans never
try to learn local language.


Fact 4
• All modern houses and apartments are
designed with the obligatory built-in
wardrobes. Usually in them sliding doors
which can be replaced on mirror for an
additional fee.


Fact 5
• 1 of 3 Americans has obesity.


Fact 6
• If you have $10 of the USA in bank, and there
are no the issued credits, you are richer, than
25% of inhabitants of America.


The facts about Washington


Fact 1
• Whether you know, what in an arsenal of an
urban area 715 libraries are? And it, doesn't
grant the right to Washington to be in the
lead; by calculations, the first place is given to
New York, libraries already of 833 pieces


Fact 2
• Whether you know that the National park on
the area is 1,5 times more, than Vatican


Fact 3
• Whether you know, one of the most popular
museums of the world - the National museum
of aircraft and astronautics, exists in
Washington? Here he was visited by about
220 million people only for the first 25 years
from the date of opening.


Fact 4
• Whether you know, what profit is got by
Washington from us, tourists? Nearly 6 billion
dollars a year.


Fact 5
• Whether it is known to you, what on Saturday
and on Sunday the approximate number of
the people living in Washington - about 600
000, and in other everyday life, that is the
working days, them nearly 1 000 000?


Fact 6
• Whether you know, what in Washington
production of candies on a stick is officially
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