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Interesting Facts about Russia


Interesting Facts about Russia


Russia fact No 1
• Russia is the biggest country in the world whose territory is about 17
million square kilometers. From east to west it covers 10 time zones.
Russian territory is twice bigger than the USA’s territory. 17, 100, 000
km² (Russia) and 9, 834, 000 km² (USA). Germany is 48 times smaller
than Russia – 357, 000 km², while England is 128 times smaller than
Russia – 133 000 km². Russia’s territory approximately equals to the
territory of the planet Pluto.


Russia fact No 2
• The largest volcano in the world which has been active for the last 7
thousand years is located in Russia and it is called Klyuchevskaya
Sopka. It is 4 kilometers 850 meters high, but its column of ashes
reach 8 kilometers. The volcano gets higher with its every eruption.


Russia fact No 3
• The deepest lake in the world and the biggest source for drinking
water is Lake Baikal. The lake is filled with 23 cubic kilometers of
water, and in order to fill the pool, which is equal in volume to lake
Baikal, all the largest rivers in the world must flow continuously for
almost a year.


Russia fact No 4
• The world’s largest medieval fortress is the Moscow Kremlin, which is
located on the left bank of the Moscow River. Now it is the official
residence of the President of the Russian Federation. The length of
the walls of the Kremlin fortress is 2,235 meters.


Russia fact No 5
• The Hermitage is the largest and oldest museum in the world which
has 3 million exhibits. If a person wants to see all the art objects in
the Hermitage spending only 1 minute on each of them, he will need
to go to the Museum for 25 years, 8 hours a day.


Russia fact No 6
• Russian city of Oymyakon in 1924 set a record of cold which was 71.2 degrees Celsius.


Russia fact No 7
• Russia is the only state in the world which borders on 12 seas – the
Baltic, Black, Azov, Barents, White, Kara, Laptev, East-Siberian,
Chukchee, Bering, Okhotsk, Japanese seas.


Russia fact No 8
• There are 2,000 libraries, 221 museums, 100 concert stages, more
than 80 theatres, clubs, and community centers, 62 movie theatres,
as well as 45 art galleries in St. Petersburg, in Russia.


Russia fact No 9
• The oldest mountains in the world – the Urals – are located in Russia.
They appeared about 4.2 billion years ago. They are located in Kusin
region next to the village Aleksandrovka. Nowadays, there are only
bottoms of the mountains left, although they used to be really high.
The Urals used to have a few historic names – the Big Stone, the
Siberian Stone, the Earth’s Belt, and the Belt Stone.



Russia fact No 10
• Peterhof, one of the most beautiful and amazing palace and garden
complexes in the world, is located in Russia. In addition to the
magnificent palaces, in Peterhof there is a huge number of fountains
(about 176) which amaze not only with their beauty, but also their
size, since 40 of them are really huge.
• We have presented only a small part of the most interesting facts
about Russia. We hope that after having read this article you have
discovered a lot of new and useful information about Russia!
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