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Belarusian food




Belarusian cuisine is considered to be one of
the most diverse cuisines in Europe. It has
been largely influenced by Baltic, Slavic and
even partially German cuisines. Traditional
dishes of this country mainly consist of
vegetables, meats and breads. Today, visitors
of Belarus can try peasant cuisine of the
countryside as well as the sophisticated
dishes for the nobility. A traditional peasant
meal has included a soup and a main course.
One of the most delicious Belarusian soups is
called “khaladnik”.


> It’s a cold type of borscht, which is
mainly eaten in summer. This
beetroot soup is eaten with sour
cream. Potato is the main ingredient
of many dishes. It is known as the
second bread of Belarusians.
Perhaps, everyone has heard of
“draniki”. These are thick pancakes
made of shredded potatoes. Meat is
also widely used in Belarusian
cuisine, especially pork. One of the
traditional holiday dishes is called


> It is a delicious stew made of large
chunks of pork or beef. Slightly
smoked salty pork with onions
and garlic is also popular. Most
meat dishes in this country are
served with potatoes or other
vegetables. Historically, Belarus
has little access to any type of
seafood however there are some
special fish-based dishes.


> For example, “yushka” - a fish soup
boiled without any seasonings. In
general, seasonings are not very
popular in Belarusian cuisine. The
most famous hard drink in Belarus is
“harelka”. It’s similar to Russian
vodka, but can be flavored with birch
sap or forest herbs. Other traditional
Belarusian drinks include kvass, beer,
myadukha, etc. Traditional desserts,
that are famous far beyond the
country, are sweet pancakes with
cottage cheese.


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