The band Formation
Conflict with Deuce
Conflict with Deuce
The End
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Hollywood Undead



Hollywood Undead is an American rap-rock band
from Los Angeles, California , formed in 2005 At
the moment, the band released three studio
albums: Swan Songs (2008), American
Tragedy (2011) Notes from the Underground
(2013) and is preparing to release fourth album:
Day of the Dead (2015). The band members at
concerts and photo shoots wear masks.

3. The band Formation

• The band originated on June 3, 2005 from a song
titled "The Kids" that Jorel Decker (J-Dog) and Aron
Erlichman (Deuce) posted on the band's MySpace
profile. They got positive reviews and formed a group
with friends. Then J-Dog explained "Whoever was in
the room at the time and played an instrument was in
the band."

4. Conflict with Deuce

• In 2009, singer and founder
of the band Deuce suddenly
didn’t take part in the Vatos Locos Tour. Deuce
wanted a personal assistant and band should pay for
him during tour months. Nobody in band didn’t have
assistant but he wanted. They went to the airport to fly
to the next performance, but he didn’t come. We called
him, but he didn’t pick up the phone. So Charlie
Scene had to sing instead of Deuce during two weeks

5. Conflict with Deuce

• After Deuce’s leaving the band invited Daniel Murillo
perform vocal role Deuce during the tour. Daniel
agreed, and finished career in a post-hardcore band
Lorene Drive. In January 2010, the band officially
announced his new member, giving him the alias

6. Masks

• At all concerts the band members wear masks, putting
them well during some interviews
• The first mask appeared at the beginning of the
creative ways Hollywood Undead were pretty primitive.
They can be found on a few photographs of that

7. Masks

• The first mask changes experienced before release of
the album Swan Songs. Each mask has another
version - vocal, with a cut to his mouth. In live
performances the group was to take off the mask after
the first few songs.
• In one of his interviews Charlie Scene said that the
group will change the masks for new album.

8. The End

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