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one thousand nine hundred ninety-one thousand nine hundred ninety-two years
• Sergey Zhukov, as a soloist and co-author of the songs of the group "Vasya", in parallel with his
studies, tours the local recreation centers and dance venues. In the thousand nine hundred and
ninety-first year, Sergey Zhukov and the group" Vasya "win the competition" Rising pop starninety Ordin". The most popular songs of the group were: "Come back", "Girl", "the Sea is noisy",
"the stars went Out" (later called "10 years"). Almost all of them later entered the repertoire of
the group "Hands Up!".


One thousand nine hundred ninety three
• Sergey Zhukov graduated from school in the city of Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region, and moved to
Samara to enroll in the Samara Academy of culture and arts.In June of the ninety-third year, he began
working at the radio "Europe plus Samara", where he leads the program of dance music "Hit-hour".
There, he met with Alexey Potekhin. They continue to work on the program together, Alexey leads the
humorous column "nursery Rhymes from Potekhin".In the future, they move to Togliatti — there the first
name of the group "Uncle ray and company" was born in honor of the lead singer of the group
2Unlimited ray Slaingard.


One thousand nine hundred ninety four
• Arriving in Tolyatti, the guys record their first English-language songs. Zhukov and
Potekhin hold parties and discos, simultaneously recording new music. The group "Uncle
ray and company" becomes popular in Samara and Tolyatti, and Zhukov and Potekhin
decide to conquer Moscow.


One thousand nine hundred ninety five
• On may 1, Zhukov and Potekhin move to Moscow and a few days later get to the rap festival, where
their performance is recognized as one of the best
At the end of nineteen ninety-five, the future "Hands Up! " broadcast on radio" Maximum " a cassette with
several songs and the inscription:"This music will make you raise your hands up." The band didn't have a
name at the time.
A week later, this tape falls into the hands of the morning show hosts Olga Maksimova and Konstantin
Mikhailov. Putting on the air the song "Good morning", they will present the performers: "Young group"
Hands Up!".


One thousand nine hundred ninety six
• Sergey and Alexey earn extra money in a small Studio "Baboon records — - make
arrangements for performers, and after work they stay in the Studio to record their songs.
• In the fall, at this Studio, the guys get acquainted with the future producer. The group
officially registers under the name "Hands Up!". And the session vocalist of the group
becomes Elizaveta Rodnyanskaya.
• Soon after the song "Good morning" comes the song "Baby", which became incredibly
popular, and then another hit — " Student»


One thousand nine hundred ninety seven
• Russian Russian songs "kid" and "student", in the leaders of the hit parade "Russian hill" on "Russian radio" and
remain there throughout the spring, summer and autumn of the thousand nine hundred and ninety-seventh year.
• In the spring, a video is shot for the song "Baby". In August, the video for the song "Student"is being shot. The
success of the group does not go unnoticed: in the spring, the musicians perform at all the big dance events in
Moscow, continuing to record the first album.
• In may, "Hands Up!" released their debut album entitled "Breathe evenly", which in a short time became a sales
leader in Russia and abroad.
• on the thirtieth of August, nineteen ninety-seven, the group took part in the big international festival "Dancing
city of ninety-seven" in the Gorky Central Park In Moscow.


the two thousandth year
• In April, "Hands Up!" released a new album " Hello, it's me...". Its presentation took place in may, at the
small sports arena "Luzhniki" in Moscow and BKZ "Oktyabrsky" in St. Petersburg. Video clips were shot for
the songs from this album "AI-Yai-Yai" and "Alyosha".
• In the same year, the German band "ATS" recorded a cover of the song "song" from the album ninetyeighth year " Make it louder!". The song titled "Around the World (LaLaLaLaLa)" entered the Top-thirty of
the American hit parade and the Top-twenty of the English one. The single became a worldwide hit and
earned its authors platinum in six EU countries.


Two thousand three
• In February, the group "Hands Up!" releases a new cheerful song "Children's", for
which a video is being shot.
• In the spring there are new single and video "I with thee well," and soon the
band released the album of the same name, which included the hits "Baby" and
"I with thee well" and new song "my Darling", for which the boys received the
award for contribution to the development of Russian popular music to the first
music "MUZ TV two thousand and three»
• The group does not stand still, and in the fall the guys release a new track
"Dance", which occupies the top lines of the charts. Almost immediately, a hightech video is shot on "Dance«
• Also this year, the guys release the lyrical song "10 years", which becomes
popular and participates in The Golden gramophone hit parade on Russian


Two thousand six
• In the two thousandth year, the group "Hands up!" suddenly announces the
termination of its existence, the group leaves Alexey Potekhin
• Sergey Zhukov continues his solo career: on the eighth of may, his song "Dripping
tears" is released, and on may 10, a video is shot for it. The song quickly gains
popularity and becomes the leader of radio and television broadcasts.


Two thousand eight
• In February of the year two thousand and eight, the AST publishing house publishes the book
by Sergei Zhukov "Starfall. Funerals of show business", written by him in collaboration with
journalist and publicist Maxim Petrenchuk. After the song "Stars fall" (previously this song was
performed by the group "Factor–2").
• Also this year there is a CD with a reissue of the album "in search of tenderness..." with the
same tracks and a single that became the name of the record.
• Sergey also writes songs for other artists:" it doesn't hurt Me "(singer MAKI)," Guilty
"(Jasmine)," Lone star " (Lena Lenin).


Two thousand eleven
• In autumn, in honor of the fifteen-year anniversary of "Hands Up!", Sergey
Zhukov will organize the first solo concert of the group in Moscow for a long time.
All subsequent years, autumn "solo concerts" become regular. At the same time,
the presentation of the new song "I will be with you" takes place in a duet with
the group "Opium project".


Two thousand fourteen
• Sergey and his brother Mikhail shoot the video "You are my sea". The new song is followed by
another, "What have you done", which is also being filmed.
• And in November, the Crocus City Hall hosts a big solo concert "eighteen to us already",
dedicated to the eighteen-year anniversary of the group. At the concert, a new duet of the
Zhukov brothers "Stupid" and the already well-known song "You are my sea"were presented.
• Together with his wife, Regina Burd, Sergey launches the confectionery "Cupcake Story",
specializing in the production of cupcakes, which later turned into a successful chain of family
confectionery and cafe "Love and sweets"


Two thousand seventeen
• This year, new "Take the keys" (twenty million views on YouTube), "Crying in the dark" (more than eleven million
views on YouTube, first place in the hit parade on "Russian radio", the Golden gramophone award) are released.
• In the summer, Sergey releases a solo song "candy" (a cover of the song LUCAVEROS). In the lyrical video clip for
this song, Sergey's wife and children participate.
• Forbes magazine for the first time includes Sergey Zhukov in the rating of the most popular stars of Russian show
business, noting Sergey not only as a musician, but also as a businessman who owns a chain of confectionery
"Love and Sweets" and a network of "Hands Up Bars".
• In November, the band presents another three-hour show "twenty-one at Crocus City Hall", marking another year
since the band's inception.
• On new year's eve, the band's songs are played in new year's programs on almost all TV channels of the country.


Two thousand nineteen
• In April, a new song "She kisses me" is released. A long-time friend of Sergey, goalkeeper of
CSKA and the Russian national football team Igor Akinfeev took part in the shooting of the
• Currently, the band successfully continues to tour the cities of Russia, as well as the near and
far abroad. In autumn, "Hands Up!" celebrates the twenty-third anniversary of its Foundation
with solo concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg with the program "twenty-three", after which
the tour with this program will continue throughout Russia and beyond.


two thousand twenty
• This year will be special in the biography "Hands Up!": the band announced
the"stadium tour dvad". The newest stadiums opened specifically for the world
Cup in St. Petersburg, Samara, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg
will host concerts "Hands Up!". In Moscow, the concert will be held at the largest
stadium in the country — in "Luzhniki"!


• Over the years of its popularity, the band has received a huge number of awards. Among them: gold, platinum
and silver discs, awards for a significant contribution to Russian show business, five statuettes of the Golden
gramophone award, four festivals "Song of the year", "Muz TV Award", awards" stopudovy hit"," Sound track","
Bomb of the year"," Record " and many others.
• During the entire existence of the group, thirty-nine video clips were shot and nineteen albums were released
(along with solo works by Sergei Zhukov).
• 01. "Алешка"
• 02. "Я не отдам тебя никому"
• 03. "Лишь о тебе мечтая"
• 04. "Не бойся, я с тобой"
• 05. "Назови его как меня (сынишка)"
• 06. "Пропадаешь зря"
• 07. "18 мне уже"
• 08. "Песенка"
• 09. "Сережа"
• 10. "Студент"
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