My favourite actor
How did it all begin?
His Family
What did he want to be?
Bradley was a driver? Oh, no!
His best films
The best role
His own family
The best from the rest…
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My favourite actor ( William Bradley Pitt)

1. My favourite actor

My favourite actor
is Brad Pitt.

2. How did it all begin?

William Bradley Pitt was
born on the 18th of
December 1963 in
Shony, USA, in a
religious family.

3. His Family

His father was a
manager and
his mother was
a teacher at a
local school.

4. What did he want to be?

After finishing school
Bradley entered the
Missouri university
to become a
journalist. But gave
it up and went to
Hollywood to start a
career of an actor.

5. Bradley was a driver? Oh, no!

He didn’t succeed at first.
He had to work as a driver
and even at the restaurant!
But Brad (now he was called
attended the actor’s courses.
Then he took part in the
serial “Dallas”.
It was the beginning.

6. His best films

His best films are
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Ocean's Twelve
Ocean's Eleven
Fight Club
Meet Joe Black
Seven Years in Tibet
Legends of the Fall

7. The best role

Up to me Brad’s
best role is
Achilles in
He is so brave,
and handsome

8. His own family

In 2006 he
married Angelina
They have 6
4 native and 2

9. The best from the rest…

Twice Brad Pitt
was considered
the most sexual
man ever living.
Every girl
dreams of him.
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