Present Perfect Past Simple
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Present perfect. Past simple

1. Present Perfect Past Simple


3 Present Perfect 4
Что сделал?
Что делаю?
Past Simple
Что сделал?
Что делал?


1. My friend has been to Italy. (когда???)
My friend has been to Italy many times.
My friend was in Italy last year.
My friend went to Italy last year.
I have seen Paul many times recently.
2. Yesterday we ate out in a cozy restaurant.
The day before yesterday Robert didn’t answer the phone.
I saw him in the street a minute ago.
When did you go there?
When were you in Moscow?
I have been to Uganda. When did you fly there?
3. I have been to the cinema today.
Tom has arrived this week.
4. Tom studied at school for 10 years. Now he is a University student.
Tom has studied at school for 9 years. All teachers say he is a good pupil.
! Tom has been studying at school since 7.
Tom has known me for ten years and a half.
5. Betsy wrote more than 10 novels when she was a writer.
Betsy is a great writer. She has written more than 10 novels.
6. I lost my pen, but a few minutes later I found it.
I have lost my pen. Can you help me to find it?


7. As soon as Tom had breakfast, he went shopping.
When Tom had breakfast, he made two calls to the office.
As soon as Tom has had breakfast, he will go shopping shopping.
(As soon as Tom has breakfast, he will go shopping shopping.)
When Tom has had breakfast, he will make two calls to the office.
He will not join us until his wife comes back.
He will not join us until his wife has come back.
8. I drank 1 cup of coffee this morning. Now it’s 5 p.m.
I have drunk 1 cup of coffee this morning.
9. I have repaired my printer. It’s ok now, it doesn’t jam paper.
10. The train has crashed this morning. The accident happened near Berlin.
I have bought a new book. It cost 1 000.
11. I have just been to Paris.
We have already done the exercise.
They haven’t seen him yet.
Have you ever been to the Hermitage?
Has he ever been to the Black sea before?
The children still haven’t finished playing.
It is the farthest way that I have ever walked.
I have been to Moscow 5 times so far.


12. She has appeared in two musicals since she moved to New York.
It has been an hour since I saw him.
I haven’t bought anything since I bought a new car.
I haven’t been buying anything since I bought a new car.
13. Lev Tolstoy always loved writing novels.
He has always loved singing. He attends special classes to learn to sing.
14. A new house has been constructed. It took them 4 years to build it.
As soon as the mission has been completed, I will go on holiday.
The letter wasn’t sent last week.
Tom hasn’t written a report since he was asked to do it.
Two films have been watched so far.
How long has the project been developed? Since last Friday, I think.
When he was helped, he did it quickly.
Tom is looking for his mobile, I think, he has lost it.
I have lost my mobile. Oh, no!
Have you heard about Jane. She went to Africa yesterday.
How many books have you read so far?
How old were you when you read your first book?
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