Mini-football is a multi-faceted, versatile, team game.
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1. Mini-football

2. Mini-football is a multi-faceted, versatile, team game.

FIFA intends to develop
Futsal in all regions of the
world, and regional football
associations also contribute
to this process. The
European Union of football
organized the first European
Futsal championship in Spain
in 1966.


Undoubtedly, today minifootball (Futsal), like any
sport, does not stand still, but
on the contrary, is in constant
movement and development.
Much attention is paid to this
game by FIFA, UEFA and
national football federations.
Already 80 countries organize
national Championships.


When did this game spin off from its older
brother, football? The history of this game
has its roots deep in the last century. In
Latin America, already in the 20 – 30
years(20th century), schoolchildren and
students played football in reduced teams
not only on outdoor grounds but also in
sports halls. Gradually, the rules of the
game of indoor football began to be formed,
and numerous competitions were held in
which only Amateur teams took part.

5. Rules

Participants of the game are 2 teams.Each
team consists of a goalkeeper, 4 field players
and no more than 7 substitutes. During the
game, the number of substitutions is not
limited. Any player who has been replaced can
return to the field again in place of one of the
players on their team.


Players ' equipment consists of a t-shirt,
underpants, gaiters, shields and athletic Slippers.
The goalie has the right to play in sports

7. Playing field




The sides of the field are chosen by the match
referee using lots. The team that wins the draw
chooses the goal. The opponent gets the right to the
initial strike. When it is performed, the ball is placed in
the center of the playing field, and the players are
placed on their halves of the court. Players of the
team starting the game must be no closer than 3 m
from the ball. The player performing the first kick
must send the ball forward with a kick after the
referee's signal. This player cannot touch the ball
again until it is touched by any other player. A goal
scored directly from the initial kick is counted. After
the goal is scored, the initial kick is performed by the
team that has passed the ball into their own goal.


The duration of the game is two equal periods-20 minutes of net
time each."Clear time" - the time of the game without taking into
account stops. For 6 – meter or 10 – meter punches, the duration
of the game can be increased. The break between periods should
not exceed 15 minutes.The winner of the game is the team that
scored the most goals against the opponent. If both teams have
an equal number of goals scored or there are no goals, the game
is considered to have ended in a draw.

11. The End

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