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Rules of the game
Football in the world
Real Madrid 1905 years
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Football. Rules of the game

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Football (from the English-foot -. Foot, ball - a ball) - a
team sport in which the aim is to score the ball in the
opponent's legs or other parts of the body (except
hands) more times than the opposing team. Currently,
the most popular and mass sport in the world.
The goal - to get the ball into the opponent's goal, to
make it as a lot of time and try to prevent a goal into
his own net. The match won by the team that scores
more goals.


4. Rules of the game

There are 17 official rules of the game, each of which
contains a list of reservations and guidelines. These
rules are intended to apply to all levels of football.
For flagrant violation of player receives a yellow card
for repeated - is shown the red card and sent off. Such
a system established with the 1970 World Cup.


6. Football in the world

According to FIFA's statement, in 2001, played football
on the planet about 250 million people. Of these, more
than 20 million - are women. It registered about 1.5
million teams and 300 000 professional clubs.


"Real Madrid" - A Spanish professional football club,
named FIFA best football club of the XX century.
It is one of the most renowned clubs in Spanish
football, having won a total of 60 national titles;
record 32 championship titles in La Liga, Spanish Cup
19, 9 times became the owner of the Spanish Super
Cup. It holds the record for most wins and goals in the
Champions League



In 1896, the year the club was founded, "Football Sky",
which became the ancestor of the Club of Madrid. But
the official foundation date is March 6, 1902, when the
brothers and Padrós Julian Palacios opened a club
called Madrid Football Club. June 29, 1920 King of
Spain Alfonso XIII awarded the club the title of Royal,
which in Spanish sounds like Real. Hence the modern
name of the club - Real Madrid.

10. Real Madrid 1905 years

11. Stadium

The stadium was named "Santiago Bernabeu" in honor
of the president of "Real Madrid" 1943-1975 period,
which was the initiator of the construction of the new
stadium. Construction lasted three years.
Santiago Bernabeu
Capacity - 85 044 person.
The dimensions of the field - 107 x 72 meters.
Вuilt - 1947
Opened -December 14, 1947




Sergio Ramos Garcia (Spanish Sergio Ramos García; March
30, 1986, Camas, Province of Seville, Spain.) - Spanish
football player, captain of Spanish club "Real Madrid" and
the Spanish national team. World Champion (2010) and
two-time European champion (2008, 2012). It occupies the
second place in the history of the Spanish national team in
the number of the match after Iker Casillas.
In summer 2005, Madrid "Real" has acquired Ramos for 27
million euros.
January 7, 2012 Ramos played his 250th match in the Liga.
August 17, 2015 Ramos has signed a new contract with
"Real" until 2020, with a salary of 10 million euros per year.
After leaving Iker Casillas Ramos was the new captain of
Madrid "Real".



Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro [9] (port Cristiano
Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro; born February 5, 1985,
Funchal..) - Portuguese footballer who plays for Spanish
club "Real Madrid" and the national team of Portugal, as
part of which was the 2016 European champion of the year.
It is the most expensive player in football history to 2013 due to its transition from the English "Manchester United"
in "Real" 80 million pounds sterling was paid. Top scorer in
the history of the Portuguese national team, as well as the
record for most games played for her matches. It is
considered one of the best players of our time
In summer 2009, Ronaldo moved to the "Real Madrid".
During the talks, Florentino Perez and David Alan Gill
agreed on the sum of 93.4 million euros (about 80 million
pounds). Portuguese midfielder became the most
expensive player in the history of world football
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