Exhibition of Economic Achievements
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Exhibition of Economic Achievements

1. Exhibition of Economic Achievements

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VDNH– the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy– is the largest exposition,
museum and recreational complex in the world, one of the most popular public spaces of the
capital of Russia. It is visited by almost 30 million guests a year.
The exhibition was opened on August 01, 1939. Its name changed several times – VSHV,


VDNH is united with the “Ostankino” Park, and their total
area exceeds 325 hectares: 240.2 hectares – the total area of
VDNH, 75.6 hectares – the “Ostankino” Park and 9.5
hectares – the Museum and Exhibition Center “Worker and
Kolkhoz Woman”, as well as an area in front of the Main
entrance. The territory of the Exhibition accommodates an
array of masterpieces of architecture: 49 objects of VDNH
are recognized monuments of cultural heritage.


VDNKH territory rich in various architectural monuments, many of which are known
around the world. Created in Soviet times, they are a monument to the Soviet era, the
prevailing pattern at different times of the architectural views.


VDNH began its return to life at the end of 2013, when Russian President Vladimir Putin
handed over the unique exhibition complex to the Government of Moscow. In the spring of
2014, Moscow Government launched a large-scale project to renew the Exhibition. Following
an initiative of the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and the results of electronic voting of
city residents on the “Engaged Citizen” portal, the complex was returned its legendary
historical name – the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy.


In the spring of 2014, accident-prevention works were
carried out in the pavilions of VDNH, tons of garbage
were removed, trade in historic buildings was
In 2017, the second stage of the exhibition renewal
began – large-scale reconstruction and site
improvements, creation of new development zones and
restoration of historical pavilions.


Today VDNH is a unique
space of museum and
exhibition projects,
international business
exhibitions and congresses,
festivals and holidays.


According to a comprehensive
concept of VDNH
development, its territory will
be divided into seven zones
with the distinctive theme,
image and meaning of each.
These are: a Central Alley
with a unique exhibition space
“Museum City”, an all-season
Theme Park, an educational
cluster “Knowledge Park", a
Landscape Park, a Crafts Park,
an EXPO zone and the
“Ostankino” Park.


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