Russia in the reign of Nicholas II
Under the Reign of Nicholas II :
The Execution of the Tsar And his Family:
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Russia in the reign of Nicholas II

1. Russia in the reign of Nicholas II


• Who was Nicholas II?
• Nicholas II was the last Tsar of
the Russian Empire who ruled
between 1894 and 1917 under
the official title of ‘Emperor and
Autocrat of All the Russias.
• Nikolai Aleksandrovich Romanov
was born near St Petersburg on
18 May 1868, the eldest son of
Tsar Alexander III. When he
succeeded his father in 1894, he
had very little experience of


• What did Nicholas II do
before he became Tsar?
• Nicholas received good home
education and was being prepared for
his future role as Tsar of the Russian
Empire. He served as a junior officer
in the Lifeguard Preobrazhensky
Regiment, one of the oldest elite
regiments in Imperial Russia, and the
Lifeguard Hussar Regiment. In 1892
Nicholas was promoted to the ranks
of colonel.In 1891, as an heir to the
throne, Nicholas travelled around the
greater part of the Eurasian
continent. During this trip he suffered
an assassination attempt in Japan
from one of his escorting policemen.


• Family life
• just days after inheriting the Russian
throne following his father Tsar
Alexander III’s death, Nicholas II
married German princess Alix of
Hesse, a granddaughter of Queen
Victoria on her mother’s side and a
godchild of Nicholas’ own father. As
Russian Tsarina and Empress, she
became known as Alexandra
Feodorovna.Having married for love,
Nicholas II was a family man. The
royal couple moved their home to
the suburbs of St Petersburg and paid
rare visits to the capital. He has Four
daughters – Olga, Tatiana, Maria and
Anastasia. And 1 son .

5. Under the Reign of Nicholas II :

•The Russo-Japanese War (1904)
•The Revolution Of 1905.
•Bloody Sunday 1905
• Anti-jewish pogroms of (1903-1906)
•World War I.

6. The Execution of the Tsar And his Family:

• Nicholas, his Wife Alexandra,
their four daughters Olga,
Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia,
and son Alexey, were put
under House arrest at
Tsarskoye selo, then Tobolsk
and finaly in Yekaterinburg.
• A year later, they were all
executed by the Bolsheviks.

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