Elizabeth II
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Elizabeth II

1. Elizabeth II

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2. Вiography

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary (April
21, 1926, London) United
Kingdom - Queen of Great
Britain from 1952 to the present.
She ascended the throne at the
age of twenty-five years after the
death of her father, King George
VI. She is the head of the British
Commonwealth of Nations and
in addition to the UK, the Queen
of fifteen independent states:
Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas,
Barbados, etc.


The eldest daughter of Prince
Albert, Duke of York and Lady
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Princess
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was
born in London's Mayfair. Her
name was in honor of his mother
(Elizabeth), grandmother (Mary)
and grandparents (Alexander).
Queen Elizabeth II
A young Princess Elizabeth during WWII


Elizabeth received a good education
at home, mostly humanitarian
orientation - has studied the history
of the constitution, law, religion, art
history, French. From a young age,
Elizabeth was interested in horses
and horse riding. This fascination it
holds for many decades.
A young Princess Elizabeth
Elizabeth with her horse


The Second World War began when Elizabeth was 13 years old. October
13, 1940 she performed for the first time on the radio - with appeal to
children. Elizabeth was trained as a mechanic-driver of ambulance, she
received the rank of lieutenant. The day of her 21st birthday made on
the radio with a solemn promise to devote his life to the service of
the British Empire.
Еlizabeth a driver of the truck


In the same year, 21-year-old
Elizabeth was married to 26-year-old
Philip Mountbatten. Becoming the
husband of princess, Philip received
the title of Duke of Edinburgh. A year
after the wedding, in 1948, Elizabeth
and Philip was born the eldest son of
Prince Charles. And August 15, 1950
daughter - Princess Anne.
Elizabeth and her husband Philip
Elizabeth and her husband Philip and children - Charles and Anna


The Queen a very large family:
three sons, one daughter, four
grandchildren, four
granddaughters, four greatgrandchildren and one greatgrandchild.
Elizabeth and her family


The ceremony of the coronation of
Elizabeth II took place in
Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953.
It was the first coronation of the
British monarch, broadcast on
television, and is believed to be an
event significantly contributed to the
increase in the popularity of
television. Full Elizabeth II of Great
Britain title sounds like "Her Majesty
Elizabeth II, by the grace of God of
the United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland and its other
realms and territories Queen, Head of
the Commonwealth, Defender of the
coronation of Elizabeth 2
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