Australia is…
Political System
National flag
Australia's coat of arms
The capital of Australia
Largest cities
Territory and Population
National kitchen
Famous people of Australia
Interesting facts
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1. Australia

Учитель английского языка
Лисова С. В.

2. Australia is…

• …state, island, mainland in the Southern hemisphere and one
of the developed countries
• …amazing, mysterious, dangerous and interesting country
• …bright sun, kilometers of beaches with white sand and sky
• …well-appointed cities, centers of cultural and business life,
historical attractions and green parks
• …surfing, diving and sailing
• …dangerous reptiles and sweet koalas

3. Political System

According to the Australian Constitution,
the country is a federal state with a
constitutional-monarchical form of
government. Monarch of Great
Britain is the monarch of Australia,
and its power in the country
represented by the Governor
General. However, the monarchy in
Australia is mainly ceremonial and
historical significance. The Australian
political system is a parliamentary
democracy. Many want that
Australia to be transformed into a

4. National flag

Flag of Australia is one of the symbols of the
country. The British flag is in the upper left
corner. In addition, the image of six white
stars is in the flag of Australia. The flag was
adopted in 1901. Blue color of the flag
symbolizes the ocean, the UK flag in the
upper left corner symbolizes belonging to
the British Commonwealth countries, and
six white stars designate six states of the
Australian Commonwealth.

5. Australia's coat of arms

Coat of Arms of Australia is the
official symbol of the state since
1912. Australian coat of arms
consists of a shield supported by
a kangaroo and emu. Coat of
arms symbolizes commitment
and unity.

6. The capital of Australia

Canberra is capital of Australia . It is an amazing creation of the XX century. Canberra is a
planned city, lively and interesting. Capital was founded in 1913. Title Canberra with
Aboriginal language translated as "meeting place."


The main attraction of
Canberra is a huge
botanical garden.
Here you can see
more 6000 species of
plants. National
Portrait Gallery is very
popular cultural
institution too.
Cultural life is very
diverse and
interesting. Zoos,
aquariums are
opened every day.

8. Largest cities

Sydney is a multicultural and
cosmopolitan city of the world,
which is inhabited by immigrants.
Founded in 1788. Sydney is
famous for its Opera House,
Harbour Bridge and beaches.
Melbourne is the second largest
city in Australia. It is often called
the "sporting and cultural capital"
of the country. Melbourne is
famous for its numerous parks,
gardens and architecture. The
summer Olympics were here in

9. Territory and Population

The area is about 7.7 million km ². Despite the vast territory, the population is very small.
It is about 23 million people. Most of Australia's population is descendants of
immigrants. Only 440 thousand people is indigenous of Australia. Australian
Aborigines represent a significant part of Australoid race. The official language is
English, known as Australian English.

10. Wildlife

Australia's climate is favorable for many animals
and plants. Carnivorous and poisonous animals
live here, so Australia is very dangerous
country. There are species of plants aboet 20
thousand and many of them do not exist
anywhere else. Animals are about 200,000
species. There are about 50 species of
kangaroos. Koalas and platypuses live only

11. National kitchen

British and Asian kitchens have been a
big impact on Australia. Australian
kitchen observes traditions of Britain.
For example at Christmas served roast
turkey and creamy pudding.
Australian Aboriginal kitchen based on
eating food exclusively Australian
origin . National meat products
considered kenguryatiny, emu and
crocodile meat . Also in the food
consumed meat more exotic animals.
In regions close to the coast, fish and
seafood are common . Favorite sweet
of Australians is Frog cake. This is
sponge cake in the shape of a frog
head .

12. Famous people of Australia

Hugh Jackman is an Australian actor and
producer who is involved in film,
musical theatre, and television. He
starred in the «X-Men» and «Van
Nicole Kidman was born Honolulu. She is
actress, singer and film producer. She
is the first actress from Australia, who
got the «Oscar» for Best Actress.


Heath Ledger was an Australian actor and director.
After performing roles in Australian television
Ledger left for the United States to develop his
film career. He is famous for his role of Joker
Russell Crowe is a New Zealand born
actor, film producer and musician
based in Australia and the United
States. He became a famous actor for
his role in the historical film

14. Interesting facts

Meat of kangaroo is eaten.
Nowadays Aborigines people are about 1.5%
Australia is the most driest inhabited continent in the world
Tennis, golf, rugby, soccer and aerobics are the most
popular sports in Australia.
• Australia is a continent with the largest number of
poisonous animals
• Interesting fact is that residents of Australia spend very
much money on poker
• Interesting fact is that in Australia people less violate laws
than others countries

15. Sources of information

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