Wheel of Life
The life cycle of a person’s Wheel of Life from his birth to his memory.
The Meaning of the Wheel of Life
The internal installation of man for the possibility of using the Wheel of Life
Two Wheel of Life applications
«Wheel of Life offline» on the example of life Jose
First Wheel of Life Jose
Exploring Jose's options and choosing areas for change
The implementation of selected changes in the life of Jose
The result of Jose’s first experience with his Wheel of Life
Further Development Jose
Jose Family of Life Wheel
Group Wheel of Life
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Wheel of Life

1. Wheel of Life

Self-esteem, development and management of human performance

2. The life cycle of a person’s Wheel of Life from his birth to his memory.


3. The Meaning of the Wheel of Life

• The Wheel of Life is always the wheel of balance in all spheres of life.
• In his life, a person goes through many stages in which he can
experience alternating stages of rising in some areas of life and falling
in other areas of life, which sometimes leads to excessive joy or
disappointment, respectively.
• It is known from human psychology that his consciousness is always
directed to the sphere of life that excites him first of all = the
intentionality of consciousness, while other spheres remain
unattended for a long time and fade away, which leads to an
imbalance in human life.
• The Wheel of Life is made so that a person sees the unbalance of his
life in every area in a timely manner and takes certain actions to align
them, to feel comfortable at every stage of life.

4. The internal installation of man for the possibility of using the Wheel of Life

• 1. It is required to comprehend and recognize the equivalence of all spheres of life for oneself.
• 2. To recognize the presence of the Wheel of Life in absolutely every person unconditionally, while
the content of all will be different.
• 3. Willingness to work on their fields, in order to achieve balance when unbalancing the Wheel of
Life at each stage of life on a regular basis, and not sometimes.
• 4. The Wheel of Life is subject to the influence of external forces, so the goals set can be adjusted,
canceled or extended in order to achieve balance.
• 5. The Wheel of Life can and will go through many stages of imbalance, but should always strive
to achieve a balance of all spheres of life, at every stage of life.
• 6. The Wheel of Life contains in itself that which a person is for himself, therefore, when people
unite in groups, then each person interacts with the group and the group for each member of it.
This mutual influence can be estimated with the help of one’s mood wheel in each group and
predict, with the help of the group’s life wheel, having its own level and balance, calculated by
adding the life wheels of the group members and divided by the number of group members.

5. Two Wheel of Life applications

• “Wheel of Life offline” - is designed to work with your own Wheel of Life
on a regular basis:
• “Wheel of Life online” - is designed to work both on your Life Wheel, and
to study the influence of the Life Wheels of the group members on
themselves and the impact of their Life Wheel on the group you are
currently in. The exchange of the Wheels of Life is carried out through the
cloud in an anonymous form. Each manages his list of recipients, with the
ability to instantly disconnect and connect recipients of his wheel:

6. «Wheel of Life offline» on the example of life Jose

• Jose is 28 years old, he is married, they have a little daughter of school age. Jose
has his own business selling fruits and vegetables in the local market with a small
warehouse. Jose spends most of his time at work, engaged in trade, negotiating
with suppliers and planning an assortment of goods for the next period.
Sometimes his wife helps him when he needs to bring another batch of goods for
sale for the next period.
• Jose has been doing his job day after day for two years, and began to notice
increased fatigue and dissatisfaction with his life, although the family received
the required wealth.
• Jose began to wonder what he was doing wrong and could it be fixed? To do this,
he typed in a search on the Internet a request - “how to make your life
comfortable” and received millions of recommendations and techniques for
moving towards success. But he just wanted to achieve comfort in life, changing
in his life only what is necessary for this purpose. So he found the application “The Wheel of Life offline” and began with an assessment of his life:

7. First Wheel of Life Jose

1. Jose rated 8 areas of his life and saw that with sufficient
indicators in the areas of business, finance and his health, he
practically does not pay attention to the remaining areas of his
life, while his Wheel of Life has, in his estimation, a low level =
3.9 points and poor balance = 82%. Jose compared this
assessment with his feelings of life and saw that no matter how
hard he tried in business and finance, other areas of his life were
completely undeveloped, which he wanted to correct.
2. But how to fix something that has no time and no understanding
of where to go? Then Jose read Help in the application and
realized that the application tells him the path to the initial
restoration of his wheel of life, first to the orange wheel, which
has the same level = 3.9 points as his existing wheel, only the
balance of the orange wheel = 100%. Jose remembered his first
wheel in the application’s memory and began exploring his
capabilities in the existing reality by moving to the next screen Goals:

8. Exploring Jose's options and choosing areas for change

• Jose understood the main idea of ​balance - if there is 24 hours in a
day, while the wheel of life that he composed takes all 24 hours
daily, then reducing at least one sphere will free him time to
redistribute the released time to other less developed spheres
without lowering the level of the existing wheel in order to
balance the balance. But all spheres are interconnected - if he
reduces his business or financial indicators, then his already bad
indicators for home and family will fall below the permissible level
that he cannot afford. What to do? He decides to reduce the time
he devoted to sports (health) and pay more attention initially to
personal growth, reasoning reasonably that if he learns more
about planning and managing a trading company, this will allow
him to reorganize his activities so as to free up time directly in his
business. He also realized that moving 1 point in one direction or
another is a lot. Having made the decision, Jose set goals on the
wheel in two areas of life that he will carry out at the same time:
1. Health - reducing the time of attention and energy to maintain
health, because, as he considered it to remain in order, so 2.
Personal growth - accepted the decision to study the book on
effective planning of small business activities in order to free up
some of the time occupied by the business for redistribution.

9. The implementation of selected changes in the life of Jose

• Jose set a deadline of 1 month for
the implementation of goals in two
selected areas and wrote one
specific task for each goal to be
completed within that time frame.
The application itself will remind
you of the expiration of these goals
to make changes to the Wheel of
Life. Further proceeded with the
implementation. He also saw that
if he reaches his goals, then the
level of his wheel will not change,
and his balance will become better
= 84%.

10. The result of Jose’s first experience with his Wheel of Life

• 1 month passed. Jose strictly followed his
first two goals, fulfilling the specific tasks he
performed on a daily basis. He also noted
that his health did not deteriorate at all, but
he read a book on activity management,
which opened up further opportunities for
him to set and implement new goals. The
application on time reminded him of the end
of the term for each given goal and he
confirmed the new, planned values in two
areas of his life. His life began to change.
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11. Further Development Jose

• Each time Jose set himself new goals, he strictly followed the redistribution
of time, attention and strength from one area to another in order to fit into
24 hours. At the same time, he always redistributed them so that the level
of the new Wheel of Life was not less than the current one, and the
balance of the new wheel was leveled to 100%. When he achieved balance,
he felt stability and strength for a further balanced increase in the level of
his Wheel of Life. But where did these forces come from? The secret is
simple - the achieved balance of the Wheel of Life first leads to a rethinking
of your life and allows you to see that it is not necessary to spend 24 hours
maintaining its balance, but only part of the time for a given level, so you
can begin, freely, to its balanced growth, fitting into the same 24 hours.
Therefore, a balanced increase in the level of the wheel reflects the
development of a person who in truth has endless possibilities that he does
not know yet, but is already sure that they definitely exist.

12. Jose Family of Life Wheel

• Jose liked it so much to achieve results in his own life that his wife and daughter
wanted to learn this technique, who began to drive their Wheels of Life and
achieve balance step by step. Each of them noted that the improvement and
growth of the Life Wheel of one family member affects others, and the
psychological climate in the family affects everyone. Jose became interested in
this issue and found an application - the Wheel of Life online. Each member of his
family installed a new application for themselves, exchanged WH - links to the
cloud and were already able, regardless of location and time of day, wherever
each of them was in the world, to receive strangers and send their Life Wheels
and / or moods of their family members instantly , at the time of their change for
everyone. Thus, members of the Jose family were given the opportunity to know
about changes in each person’s life, specifically, in each person’s life spheres,
which allowed them to better understand each other and instantly provide
concrete, substantive help to align their wheels individually and the whole family
as a group. This technique works and it is a fact.

13. Group Wheel of Life

• The life wheel of a group is the sum of the Life Wheels of all members
of the group divided by the number of participants, separately, for
each area of ​life. The resulting Life Wheel of the group is perceived by
each member of the group as their own when the group comes
• Usually, the Life Wheel of a group is larger in level and has a better
balance, which explains the person’s desire to be in this group, while
his own Life Wheel is not yet balanced or does not have a level that is
insufficient by his own assessment.
• Try and check - now you have a working tool: “Wheel of Life online”
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