History of Italian Agriturismo
Agritourism and the Italian Economy
Types of Agriturismo
Food and living conditions
How to Select an “Agriturismo” in Italy
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Agrotourism in Italy



If you're planning a trip to Italy and looking
for accommodations, you'll come across the
word agriturismo —a combination of the
words for "agriculture" and "tourism" in
Italian. An agriturismo is a farm stay, or a
style of vacationing in farm house resorts.
In Italy, many agriturismi are generally
suitable for the family, and many farm
animals with which children can interact.
Others are more romantic and perfect for a

3. History of Italian Agriturismo

Starting in the 1950s and continuing the 1970s, traditional farming in Italy
became less profitable and many farmers leaved for search the work in
larger towns.
However, Italians place great value and worth in their agricultural
traditions, especially in the production of foods like cheese, wine, and
olives. By 1985 Italian lawmakers had created a legal definition for
Agriturismo. So, Now agriturismo accommodations in Italy very similar to
English or American bed and breakfasts. These agriturismi allowed for small
farmers to add any profiits from the farm doing and provided them
opportunity to show unique first-hand experience of the rural way of life in

4. Agritourism and the Italian Economy

The agritourism bet by the Italian government proved a boon for
rural farmers who could’t rely just on their farms' for income. At
least a million tourists visit Italy to enjoy the scenic countryside in
agriturismo places.
The rural population in Italy has declined since the end of World
War II, the agritourism sector has given new life to some areas of
the country where there have other options for new industry.

5. Types of Agriturismo

Agritourism is so popular that there are
subcategories of farmstays. For people who
is looking an ecology-friendly holiday, many
farms offer ecotourism alternatives with total
immersion in nature. Tourists who seeking a
wellness agritourism experience at a farm
there are house who offer spa services and
Prefer to stay active on your vacation? You
can choose an agritourism accommodation
that includes horse riding, climbing,
swimming, and other sports and activities.
And if you interesting in food , can choose a
culinary-centric agriturismo with food
tastings and tours around the traditional
Italian cuisine.

6. Food and living conditions

Italian agriturismi usually serves
guests food made from raw materials
and produced on the farm or from
other local merchants. Some will
allow guests to take part in activities
around the farm, such as picking
vegetables or milking cows. although
there are also a lot of Lux agritourism
and features amenities such as
swimming pools. Generally, living
spaces can be range from simple
rooms with rustic furniture and
shared bathrooms to ultra-luxurious
suites with high-end privileges.

7. How to Select an “Agriturismo” in Italy

If you decide to go in Italy to farmstead, I
can advice you to use website. Wherever you
search, you can read reviews, study
photos and make sure the agriturismo
meets your needs. Also I advice to deside
what cities or towns are you nead—will
you want to explore the surrounding
area or will you be content to stay on the
farm and enjoy a quite nature? Whatever
agriturismo you choose, it will be true
experience about Italian culture and
rural life that you can't find in a hotel!


Agriturismo Casa Clelia
Located in Bergamo, Lombardy
Set near the wonderfully-named town of Sotto il Monte
Giovanni XXIII, this agriturismo has been sculpted out of the
11th-century convent using the principles of eco-bio
architecture. The main house stands against wooded hills;
Bedrooms are well-sized, all from wood, stone and bold
colours. All house integrated with solar panels; cork and
coconut ensure the soundproofing of walls.
One treat is a taster menu of local delicacies made by a
talented cook. Kids can spend time with the animals and run
free in eight hectares of gardens and woods.
Double rooms from €100 (£84) per night,
including breakfast;


Agriturismo Val di Boccio
Where? Perugia, Umbria
farm is located on a hillside near Gubbio, surrounded by olive trees,
oaks and lavender.
This place is heaven for children; there are four ponies, two donkeys, a
cow, goats, sheep, pigs and hens together with a new play area and a
beautifully landscaped swimming pool. For b&b guests, there’s a big
comfy sitting room with books, games and an aromatic fire in winter.
In the rustic dining room: rich pasta sauces, gnocchi with black truffles,
wild boar in season and wonderful almond biscuits.
Double rooms from €60 per night, apartment sleeping three
from €80 per night including breakfast; dinner with wine €19


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