Задание 1.3.1 Определение IT, Функции, Составляющие и Задачи
Information technology
IT Components
IT Functions
IT Objectives
Finita la comedia
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Задание 1.3.1 Определение IT. Функции. Составляющие и задачи

1. Задание 1.3.1 Определение IT, Функции, Составляющие и Задачи

Григорьев Дмитрий
линб 1502

2. Information technology

Information technology (IT) is the
application of computers to store, retrieve,
transmit and manipulate data,[1] often in the
context of a business or other enterprise.

3. IT Components

• Components :
A. Hardware
B. Software
C. Data
D. Procedures
E. People
F. Feedback

4. IT Functions

A. Data capture
B. Data Processing
C. Generation of Information
D. Storage of information
E. Retrieval of Information

5. IT Objectives

Objectives - solve the problems of the
efficient organization of the information
process to reduce the amount of time, labor,
energy and material resources in all spheres of
human life and modern society

6. Finita la comedia

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