My pet
Tell about your pet
My hamster
Now tell about your pet!
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My pet Tell about your pet

1. My pet

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2. Tell about your pet

1. What is you pet’s name?
Names: Joy,Tom, Pushok
2. How old is you pet?
Age: 1 year, 2 years…
3. What colour is you pet?
Colours: grey, black, white
4. What can your pet do?
Can: jump ,run, climb


5. What does your pet like
to eat or to drink?
Like: milk, fish, meat
6. What characteristics of
your pet can you name?
Characteristics: clever,
strong, pretty, friendly, kind.
7. Who looks after your pet?
8. Do you like your pet and

4. My hamster

I have got a hamster. It’s name
is Peter. It is white and little.
My hamster is funny. It can run in
his cage. My hamster likes to play
with me. It likes to eat carrots and
to drink milk. I look after my pet.
I feed my pet in the morning and in
the evening. I like my pet very
much. It is my best friend.

5. Now tell about your pet!

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