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Holidays in Russia


Holidays in Russia


Holidays in Russia are numerous. People love them, it's time to
spend with family and friends, to pay tribute to the traditions
or to glorify the Fatherland. Some are celebrated by the whole
world, others only in this country, others – exclusively for a
group or family.
In recent years more and more
holidays are becoming more
international, and state special
collection days is also updated.
But which of them are most


New year
For many, he is the most important even of
the year. About the children and say
nothing. Birthday and New year's favorites
that they would not miss. Is a family
holiday, with a Christmas tree, the
President's speech, a champagne and gifts.
Earlier, when the holiday came to Russia, it
is celebrated not in winter and spring, thus
calculating the beginning of the new year.
However, it was later moved to January.


Day Of Russia


One of the most striking political
developments of the last decades. And no
matter how much time passed before Russia is
the twelfth of June for her birthday. It was
then in 1990 it became independent. And
millions of people who lived in the Soviet
Union with trepidation, remember this day.


The unity of
the people


It celebrated from
1649 until the
beginning of the
revolution of the 17th.
In 2005, he returned
to the ranks of
important holidays.


Men's day


When each man can rightly be congratulated – 23
Feb. All adult men who have served in the military
or been in the power structures (or working
there). It's the day of defenders of the
Motherland, ready to stand to the end for peace
and unity in the country, for its independence,
after all, February 23, back in 1918, the first Red
army, which included ordinary working lads,
opposed the invaders.


Women's day


It is celebrated
worldwide on March 8.
The most favorite
holiday for all women,
from young to old. All
mothers, grandmothers,
wives, sisters,
granddaughters, loved
ones and appreciate
beautiful women!
Strong half gives gifts,


The first of may


In the USSR, this day was dedicated to
millions of workers. The occasion
marked the beginning of workers in
Chicago who had organized the picket
and the strike. They demanded
human conditions – the 8-hour day.
Then the strike was suppressed, and
several people paid with their lives.
Now the first of may – day one for all
in the world, is the day of unity of all


Victory Day


A great day for many countries.
Especially participants in the war 40s.
1418 days of the war, when the huge
peoples of the Soviet Union stood
together to the end to defend their
country, they could not escape or
refuse, they understood that behind –
their families, loved ones.


Behind their homeland. This war was
not for them a struggle for power or
influence in the world. It was to
protect from invaders, Patriotic war.
And they, our ancestors were able to
win. Even today, the USSR
disintegrated into a dozen countries,
but they all may 9 is a sacred day.
What must not be forgotten.
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