Percy Jackson
About Rick Riordan.
Rick Riordan has written nine books but I will only discuss one books.
About Percy Jackson.
In camp
At jellyfish.
In museum.
In “Lotus”.
In hell.
In Mount Olympus.
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Rick Riordan. Percy Jackson

1. Percy Jackson

Aitolkyn Kenesova 6a

2. About Rick Riordan.

• Rick Riordan was born in
the U.S. city of San
Antonio in 1964, in a
family of teachers. His
mother was an artist and
musician, and her father
sculpted figurines - so
that in this family has
always been a creative

3. Rick Riordan has written nine books but I will only discuss one books.

4. About Percy Jackson.

• Percy Jackson was
a mere boy. He
lived with his
mother and never
knew his father.
He was the god of
the Seven Oceans.

5. In camp

• On the tour he was attacked
by fury and it almost killed
him. Percy knew that he was
a demigod, and that his
father posseydon. To protect
Percy mother sent him to
camp half blood. he knew
that his friend (Grover),
satyr. And meets Anabet
(daughter – Athens) and
Luke (son – Hermes). When
he knew that his mother
from Hades, he's going to
save his mother. He learns
that in order to get into and
out must: find three pearls.
His friends go with him on a
dangerous adventure.

6. At jellyfish.

• Their first
adventure was at
jellyfish. The first
gem was in her
hand. When they
came to nothing
guessed. Then they
realized, and won a
jellyfish. Percy took
her head as a

7. In museum.

• After the jellyfish,
they went to the
museum to the
second gem. Gem
were in crown
statue (Athens). It
was not easy. They
fought Hydra and
Percy with friends

8. In “Lotus”.

• In the search for the
third gem, they went
to a casino "Lotus",
where they were
drugged by the use
of lotuses. Hearing
the voice of his
father, Percy
managed to lose
datura and take the
pearl. When he left,
they find out that
they had been there
5 days.

9. In hell.

• After that, they get to Hades, where
he met Cerberus. It turns out that
lightning was in the panel, which
gave Luke. Wife of Hades,
Persephone, giving Percy lightning,
and returns it to her mother. But
pearls are only three, and the one
being - one pearl. Then Grover,
sacrificing himself refuses to return.
Percy come to Olympus, his mother
and Annabeth.
• Luke suddenly appears. Only
conducts himself unusual. It turns
out Luke is the Lightning Thief, but
return them to Zeus Luke did not
intend to. Then Percy comes with
Luke in a fight in which he uses his
ability to control water. Defeating
Luke, he and Annabeth takes
lightning and sent to Olympus.

10. In Mount Olympus.

• At midnight on
Mount Olympus
burst Percy and
Annabeth and return
Zeus lightning. The
war ended. In
gratitude, Zeus
rescues Grover of
Hades. Children
safely back to
"Camp Half-Blood,"
Percy and his
mother - to his

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