Training of chemistry in a higher education institution by level of education
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Training of chemistry in a higher education institution by level of education

1. Training of chemistry in a higher education institution by level of education

2. Plan

The importance of level teaching
Classification to groups by level
Feature of the lesson
Results of the level teaching


The importance of level teaching:
The student's thinking develops well when dealing
with one another, and only in interpersonal activities
they learn to new concepts, learned to adapt to others,
respecting others' ideas, and attitudes. During the
lesson one can not stay out of work and everyone can
contribute to the final result of the work.


Classification to
groups by level
A Group
B Group
C Group


The Characteristics of group students
A group students
are able to
provide intelligent
and valuable
information than
his classmates,
who are smart,
good in all
disciplines. They
are students of
algorithmic level.
B group students
are welleducated, are not
have the
personality that
is different from
others and is not
Their answers is
right, but they
are mistrustful.
C group students
are poor
readiness for
everyday work,
desire for
knowledge is bad.
But they are
creativity, critical
thinking students.


Tasks to A group students include:
While performing cognitive - research tasks,
students should be able to master new
knowledge and innovate themselves, along
with improving and deepening the first
elementary knowledge acquired on a new
Reports solved by different methods
Difficult task for thinking


Tasks to B group students include:
Tasks for regulation and systematization of past
These are tasks that are altered in the same way
as previous tasks, but they must be converted
into the first one to apply them.
Tasks to improve student thinking.


Tasks to C group students include:
Should be adapted to memorization
Have to repeat and revise the previous lesson
without changing the background of newly
Tasks should be related to the type a new topic


The objective of division of tasks into a level is
to prevent the classroom students from dividing
artificially into different strata, "capable" and
Performing tasks of the first level fulfills the
tasks of the second level
Performing tasks of the second level fulfills the
tasks of the third level
Third-level tasks that need to be searched are, of
course, talented and hardworking students


Trough group work, the teacher achieves the
following results:
Freedom among students
An atmosphere of trust
Can evaluate each other
Students have a personal relationship with each
Each student will be able to demonstrate his
abilities and peculiarities
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