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Current status
Basic Things
Basic Things
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Native Speakers
What is needed
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Any language for free. Small groups motivation

1. Any Language for free

Small groups motivation

2. Introduction

We are now in a new century. We
growing up and get new knowledge very fast.
We learn very hard, but the real potential is just
on the way.
The truth of the today’s world is that you
can get everything you want from life. Most of
the borders are easy to overcome. You just
need a motivation and a little help.

3. Goals

Primary goals:
To learn new language with necessary and
sufficient efforts
Secondary goals:
To start a new social communication technology
for better life

4. Current status

Random found people who want to learn Chinese for free:
Elena from Spain
Natalya from Belarus
Dmitry from Russia
Alex from Russia
Started from October we have two lessons per week by Skype.
One lesson takes from 30 to 45 minutes.
All materials we get from web. Each lesson is prepared by one
of our team.
Now we know Alfavit, Syllables, new words, grammar basics,
hieroglyphics basics and continue studying.

5. Basic Things

At least one person should be more motivated
then others for a long period. He or she should
take all organizational work.
Usually three persons is better then four. Two
people is enough for the lesson.
Sometimes the lesson is not prepared or
someone doesn’t come. Need to have plan for
it, so the time won’t be useless.

6. Basic Things

We use Skype for calls and chat, cloud storage
for materials (lessons learned, textbooks, links,
video, audio and etc.). Need a good
education program and materials.
Sometimes we reschedule a lesson if needed.
Please don’t forget about time difference of
the participants.
If someone is out from the group it’s not a
problem – there are lots of people who want to
learn more. Please add them if needed.

7. Ideal Picture

- Presenter
- Listener
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4

8. Native Speakers

To get the best pronunciation native speaker must help. And this
is the moment when collaboration with Chinese groups who
learn Russian must take place.
One time in one or two weeks one of the team members from
each side takes a place in other group.

9. Plan

The program lifetime is five years. Nevertheless we are moving
per decade (3 month). And we have a goal for each month
and a week.
We need initiative young people. Education doesn’t matter.
In February we need a Chinese group which will start to work
with us.

10. What is needed

30-45 minutes two times a week
2-3 hours once in two weeks to prepare a lesson
Motivation to know new language

11. Future

Language exchange
Building new technologies without big corporations
Small technology project
Medium technology project
Big technology project

12. Future

Language is just the beginning. The idea is much more universal.
Some thoughts from me:
Social networks are dying. Films are less and less interesting. This
routine is useless. The real life, the real achievements, the real
relations – that matters.
Everybody wants to speak many languages or to create their
own business. Start build it now, without money but with friends.
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