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My Future Speciality. Mechanical faculty of the Voronezh


VSUET 2016


I study at the Mechanical faculty of the Voronezh
State University of Engineering Technology. My future
speciality is a mechanical engineer at the food
I consider this speciality to be
one of the most interesting at
our university. To become
qualified specialists we must
know all the latest
achievements in science and


After university from the academy lam going to work at a food
enterprise. But may be I shall work in trade or in my own business.
Some of the graduates of our
university work at research
institutes or at experimental
offices, some happen to become
directors or managers of big


As for me, IT'D like to work in a joint venture (to take
part in scientific investigations of our department). Of
course it's very difficult to choose our road in life and
to find a good job due to many reasons, but I hope for
the best.


The food industry is an important branch. The scientists of our
university work in different fields of knowledge. Those students who
are interested in research and are successful in their studies have
opportunities to be trained abroad.
The administration of our
academy have established
contacts with educational
institutions of China,
Germany, the USA etc. Some
graduates take postgraduate course upon
graduating from the


The presentation fulfilled is student group M152
Naumov Gleb
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