Differences Russian and British education system.
Russian education system.
British education system.
Elementary and Secondary school.
Further education. Colleges of further education.
Higher education.
The most famous colleges and universities in the UK
School vacations in British
School vacations in Russia
Marks in British school
Marks in Russian school
School uniform in British school
School uniform in Russian school
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Differences russian and british education system

1. Differences Russian and British education system.


Objective: to development of
motivation and opportunities
for creative students study the
history, culture and customs of
the peoples of different
countries; development of the
English language and of
conversational skills as a means
to of understanding national
characteristics of different
Tasks: find the differences
and similarities of the
Russian and British of
education systems.

3. Russian education system.

Russian education system includes a :
Secondary School
Professional Education
Further Education

4. British education system.

British education system includes a:
Elementary School
Secondary School
Further education
Higher Education

5. Elementary and Secondary school.

As in Russian Britain 11 years of
schooling is compulsory for children
aged from 5 to 16 years and is
subdivided into two main levels Primary 5 to 11 years and Secondary
from 11 to 16 years.

6. Further education. Colleges of further education.

In the UK, about 550 of colleges of
further education. Study in colleges of
further education (further education)
not only gives students the opportunity
to learn various professions and find a
good job, but also can be a great
bridgehead for "promotion" to the
universities. The curriculum of colleges
focus on practice and preparation for a
professional career.

7. Higher education.

The difference between Russian and British
universities is the volume study time devoted
to the study disciplines and forms of its use.
To clarify: According to the analysis, the
student to become a bachelor of social science
at a leading UK university, the average
committed for 3 years 3600 hours of study
time. Russian standards set by the Ministry
of Education, Science provide for the same
profile for bachelors temporary contribution
approximately 7,500 hours for 4 years, and,
at the fifth year of specialist training hours

8. The most famous colleges and universities in the UK



Queens University
Lancaster University

10. School vacations in British

English schools have three terms (semesters),
separated by vacations.
The summer vacation lasts for about 6 weeks from
July 20 to September 4;
Winter and spring vacation both last two weeks,
from December 21 to around January 6 and March
25 to around April 5.
The three terms are:
Autumn Term: September to December
Spring Term: January to April
Summer Term: April to July

11. School vacations in Russia

The summer vacation lasts for about 13 weeks
from June 1 to September 1;
The autumn vacation lasts for about 8 day
from October 27 to November 5;
The winter vacation Lasts for about 2 weeks
from December 29 to January 12
The spring vacation lasts for about 9 day
from March 23 to April 1

12. Marks in British school

Schools in England and America use their own
marks: letters or percentage
A – 90-100 -excellent ,
B – 80-89 – good,
C – 70-79 – satisfactory,
D – 60-69 bad,
E – 0-59 poor.

13. Marks in Russian school

5 – 93 -100 - excellent
4 -85-92 – good
3- 77 – 84- satisfactorily
2- 0 -76 - unsatisfactorily

14. School uniform in British school

15. School uniform in Russian school

16. output

The peculiarity of English education is the presence a special list of mandatory
and optional subjects. By the end of grade 9 pupil Russian suggest two options
for continuing study: enter the secondary - special schools or stay at school still
on 2 years. It is on this final stage of education at the school clearly visible
differences in English and Russian education. In Russian schoolchildren in the
last 2 years of training going on to study a series of compulsory subjects. For
students in the UK who choose to further education in higher colleges,
universities, technical institutes during the end of compulsory education comes
the most crucial period for the entire study - the preparatory process for
entrance to university. Ends such training exam to obtain a certificate A-level.
In this case, you can draw a parallel with a single Russian state exam. In this
regard, we can say that the main differences between the English education
system from the Russian system is the possibility of in-depth development of
disciplines, individual approach, and also focus on certain earlier result.

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