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Monster bingo







I’m purple. I’ve
got four arms
and two legs.
My hair is
This is a black
round monster.
It has got one
red eye, small
legs and arms.
I have got a big eye, This is a funny
a mouth with six monster. It has got
teeth and two
three heads with
legs. I’m red and
red noses.
It is green.
Look at the orange
monster. It’s big
and angry. It has
got yellow eyes,
small arms and
a big mouth.
Look at this yellow
and big monster. It
has got small eyes,
and a very
big mouth with
yellow teeth.


I’ve got 4 green
This is a monster Look at the yellow
arms and 6 yellow with a blue head.
monster. It’s has
legs. My head is
The hair is pink.
big ears and a
orange. I’ve got She has got yellow
purple mouth.
three eyes and
eyes and seven
The eyes are small.
two mouths.
green teeth.
The hair is green.
Look at this red
This is a brown and I’ve got five eyes
monster. It’s got blue
happy monster.
and four legs. My legs and green arms.
It has no arms or
mouth is red.
The nose is blue.
legs. It has got
I’m green.
The eyes are yellow.
two horns.
The ears are small.


I’ve got two yellow This is a monster Look at the green
and long legs. My with a green head. monster. It’s has
eyes are big. I am It has got two arms big ears and orange
pink and round.
hair. It has got 6
and three legs.
red arms and
The ears are small.
4 red legs.
This is a surprised
This monster has
I’ve got one eye
monster. It has two
and big ears. My got a big head. The
teeth and a purple
eyes are small. The
nose is small.
eye. It has got 4
ears are big. It has
I’m red.
long legs. It is
got four mouths.
orange and round.


I’ve got four long This is a monster
legs. I’ve got one
with a one eye.
big eye and a
It has got two legs
mouth. I am
and no arms.
purple and round. It is small, round
I have no nose.
and orange.
Look at this round
monster. It’s has
big eyes and a big
mouth with yellow
teeth. The legs and
arms are purple.
This is a happy
I’ve got one blue This monster has
monster. It has two head and big eyes. got five heads. The
eyes are small.
arms, two legs and I’ve got five hands.
one eye. It is green They are blue too. It has five red noses.
and round.


I’ve got four long This is a monster
arms and two
with two eyes.
short legs. My eyes It has big ears and a
are big. I have no big nose. It has got
ears. I am blue and two big mouths. It
is purple.
This is a small
This monster has
got a green nose monster. It has got
and a big mouth. eight very long legs.
His hair is orange. It has got two big
eyes and a small
He has got four
eye. It is yellow.
ears and an eye.
Look at this funny
monster. It’s has
got six arms and
two legs. His eyes
are small. The
monster is green.
This monster is
purple. It has got
nine yellow teeth.
It has got eight
small eyes and
five long legs.
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