My family
My sister and dog.
My father
My brother
My mother
My grandmothers.
My aunt.
My cousins.
That is all. Thank you for your attention!
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My family

1. My family


2. ME!

This is me.
My name is Mikhail.

3. My sister and dog.

This is my dog.
Her name is Regina.
This is my sister my
Her name is Nadezhda.

4. My father

This is my father.
His name is Yaroslav.

5. My brother

This is my brother.
His name is Denis

6. My mother

This is my mother.
Her name is Elizaveta.

7. My grandmothers.

There are my grandmothers.
They names are Olga and Nina.

8. My aunt.

This is my aunt.
Her name is

9. My cousins.

There are my cousins.
Them names are Fedor, Kirill, Maria and Aglaya.

10. That is all. Thank you for your attention!

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