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Rolling Stones (Роллинг Стоунз)


East Kazakhstan Technologi College
(Роллинг Стоунз)
Prepared a: Meruert Erbolkyzy,
Semey 2017


British rock group, formed in 1962 and for many years vying for
popularity with the Beatles.
The name came up with guitarist Brian Jones, inspired by the song of
Muddy Waters Rolling Stone.
The Rolling Stones


Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
studied together, after school for a
long time did not communicate.
But happened to meet in 1961 and
found out that both like rhythm
and blues, and that they have a
mutual friend - Dick Taylor. The
three of us decided to create a band
called Little Boy Blue and the Blue
Boys and learned a few songs from
the repertoire
Chuck Berry
Bo Diddley


The group debuted on July 21, 1962 in London's Mark-Club. The
professionals of jazz and blues met the new band pretty cool, refusing to
give her professionalism.


In 1963 their second single, Wanna Be Your Man (J. Lennon and P. McCartney) was
released, which in 1964 was among the top ten. In early 1964, the press had negative
feedback about the group, which were caused by inadequate behavior of musicians,
as well as the length of their hair


• The group sought unexpected and even
sharp turns, choosing the stage image
of the rebels protesting against social
conventions. In the fourth album, they
included such contrasting in style and
content as Mother's Little Helper and
Lady Jane. In the work of the group
there were even traits of misogyny
(Under My Thumb and Stupid Girl).
Nihilism Rolling Stones reached its
peak in the song Have You Seen Your
Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow
?, which was lashed with obscene
language. Nevertheless, the group was
accompanied by commercial success,
their fees were constantly growing.


On the wave of deafening success,
the musicians had problems drugs. Almost the whole of 1967
passed under the sign of litigation
over the offenses of Mika Jagger,
Keith Richards, Brian Jones
related to drug use. Despite this, in
1967 there were three albums, one
of which was wearing the
extravagant title Their Satanic
Majesties Request and was a
psychedelic experiment. However,
professional criticism did not
appreciate him very much. And
only the single Jumping Jack Flash
(1968) restored the former
reputation of musicians.


• To superstardom status,
the author's duet raised "(I
Can not Get No)
Satisfaction" (summer of
1965). Already in itself
(later recognized as
classical), the guitar riff
(originally copied the
sound of the wind section)
showed that the Rolling
Stones had separated from
the roots of the traditional
blues and had embarked
on their own development

9. Data

When the Rolling Stones played a concert on
Copacabana Beach in Brazil in February 2006, it
was attended by 1.5 million fans.
• Erroneous is one who thinks that it is Mick Jagger
who is the author of the cult phrase "sex, drugs and
rock and roll." In fact, it belongs to another British
musician - Ian Dury.
• The band released 22 studio albums in the UK (and
24 in the States), 8 live albums (9 in the States) and
numerous compilations. All sold more than 200
million records worldwide.


Rolling is a unique group in the history of mankind. For their 50
years of existence, they managed to attract almost a billion people.
Even 30 years ago, stadiums could not accommodate all comers,
and to date the group has collected all conceivable music awards for
the existence of show business in the West.
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