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Rock. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones

1. Rock


Rock is one of the
kind of music. It
appeared in the
sixties of the XX
century in the
USA. By the
beginning of the
60s of the last
century two
groups appeared
on the music
scene, which had
the greatest
impact on musical


They were The Beatles
and the Rolling
Stones. Russian rock
appeared in the
USSR already in the
1960-1970's. and
reached its peak in
the 1980s,
continuing to
develop in the


The Beatles were a legendary English rock band,
which was established (признана) in 1959 in
Liverpool. The group consisted of John Lennon, Paul
McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. This
was not the original composition of the group but
those whom the entire world knows as THE BEATLES!


In 1963, the band began
climbing to the world
recognition and created a
global phenomenon called
Beatlemania. The quartet
has become the first British
band, which have had
records which gained
popularity and also gained
first place in the USA charts.
The group has also won
seven Grammy awards.
The most popular songs of
the Beatles are «Yesterday»,
«Let it be», «Girl», «Come
Together», «Hey, Jude!».


The Beatles had a profound influence on rock
music and are recognized by experts as one of
the most successful groups of the XX century.
This group has changed the lives of many


Rock is also connected with various youth
subcultures, such as punks, hippie, metalheads,
goths, emo.

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Nowadays rock music sounds around the world
finding their fans everywhere.
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