Where it all began ...
Happy women’s day!!!
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Happy women’s day



The 8th of March
Is here today,
I really have
Some words to say:
I wish you love
Throughout your life,
I want to see
Your happy smile.

3. Where it all began ...

A strike of textile workers
The tradition of celebrating
International Women's day 8
March was a demonstration
that you spent that day, 1857,
the workers of textile and
garment factories in New
York to protest the terrible
working conditions and low
They demanded the reduction
of working hours, working
conditions, equal pay with

4. Russia

For the first time the day 8 March "in Russia
in 1913, was celebrated in St. Petersburg as
a popular event in Western society.
In 1921, the 2-nd Communist women's
Conference, it was decided to celebrate
International Women's day 8 March in
commemoration of the participation of
women in a demonstration in St Petersburg
on March 8 (23 February old style) 1917, as
one of the events leading up to the
February revolution.
In 1966, respectively, in accordance with
the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme
Soviet of the USSR from May 8, 1965,
international women's day is a holiday and
the holiday. Gradually in the USSR the
holiday entirely lost political overtones and
bind to the struggle of women against
discrimination, becoming "all day".


Let always feminine day does not
Let sing in Your honour streamlets,
Let sun You smile,
But men You present the flowerses.
With the first dripping water,
with the last snowstorm,
With holiday of the early
You congratulate,
heartily want to Joys, happiness,
health, love!

6. Happy women’s day!!!

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