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Kuandyk Rakhym


Kuandyk Rakhym
He was born September 9, 1992 in Satpayev,
Kazakhstan. By the sign of the zodiac Virgo. His
height is 175 cm, weight 62 kg. This is a very cheerful,
kind person who pays attention to creativity, works
tirelessly, and develops in the musical field. A wellknown singer, despite his rather young age,
managed to record many songs, to become famous
not only in his own country, but also abroad.


What is known
The talent of the boy manifested itself from childhood. His desire to make music, parents only supported his
desire. After graduating from the ninth grade of school, he entered the Tathimbet College of Arts in Karaganda,
where he was taught many of the basics of music, helped develop skills, improve them.
While still in college, a young man was writing songs. He actively participated in various music contests and
events, where specialists noted the talented young musician. Gradually, he formed a fan club, he began to be
invited to various concerts. The singer was greatly helped by social networks, where he published his songs.
The scale of speeches grew rapidly. Not much time had passed when they began to invite him to social events
and holidays. After several years of hard work, fame came to the singer. The compositions have become
popular, they are sung by people of Kazakhstan of all different ages.
The songs of this artist are known not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad. The singer prefers to sing it in the
Kazakh language. He is not going to stop at his achievements, he continues to write new songs, delight members
of the fan club.
Kuandyk Rahym is not married. She does not like to talk about her life. With whom he meets - is unknown. When
asked by journalists about the beloved, the wedding and the childrenw. In public, he appears alone, he is not
accompanied , he mysteriously smiles, says that now he is not ready for this. Perhaps in 2-3 years. Whether the
heart of a talented artist is free is impossible to knoby girls. Time will tell who will become the chosen one of
Kuandyk Rahyma, with whom he will find true happiness.
A talented musician boasts incredible achievements in music, despite the rather young age. His songs are often
played on radio and discos. Kuandyk Rahem works tirelessly. His schedule is written literally by the minute, the
singer spends most of his time on tour.
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