Excursion on lyceum
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Excursion on lyceum

1. Excursion on lyceum

Lyceum 14 of the honored teacher of the Russian Federation
A.M. Kuzmin
Excursion on lyceum
The pupil of 5 "G" of a
class Alexandrov Maxim


Welcome to our school, dear friends. We are glad to see
you and shake your hands. You can take off your coats
and leave them hear in our cloakroom. And now, please,
this way here.


Our school life is very interesting. We collect scrap metal.
We work in our workshops. We make useful things. We
work in our school garden. We do physical exercises. We
help juniors with their homework. We rehearse a puppet
show. We discuss the timetable. We put a concert for
guests. We play in the playground. We hold meetings and


Our school isn’t ordinary. It is a lyceum. We study both
traditional and specialized subjects: Mathematics, History
of Britain, English literature, English writing and Economics.


The school building has got four floors. Let’s go to see the
ground floor. On the ground floor there are a library, a
cloakroom a canteen and classrooms


Now I suggest going on the second floor. On the second
floor there are three deputies’ rooms, two gyms and


Why not see the third floor. On the third floor there is an
assembly hall, laboratories and classrooms


On the fourth floor there is a headmaster’s office and a
secretaries’ room.
A.M. Kuzmin
G. R. Lubitch


Thanks for coming to our school. Have a cup of coffee in
our canteen.


Thanks for attention!
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