Салтыков кирилл
Christmas toys, trees and firecrackers.
What about gifts?
Traditions and customs.
Celebrate table.
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Germany. Christmas toys, trees and firecrackers

1. Салтыков кирилл

2. Germany.

3. Christmas toys, trees and firecrackers.

New Year's Eve in Germany homes is smartly
decorated Christmas tree , which put even Christmas
. Hiding under the Christmas tree gifts for children on
Christmas tree sparkling garlands and Christmas
balls. Sparklers are called in German Wunderkerzen
here in this essential attribute of the New Year
celebration, as in Russia .The fireworks, firecrackers
, it's New Year's fireworks. Fireworks sale begins
long before the new year, but in Germany this
product is released to persons under 18 years of
age. The Germans take to the streets fireworks near
the houses on the central square . In Berlin, near the
Brandenburg Gate New Year's Eve millions people
go to watch colorful fireworks.

4. What about gifts?

Gifts in Germany give for Christmas (gift
exchange called Bescherung), a week
before the New Year. Because, in the New
year no one brings gifts , except for small
gifts are for good luck in the new year .

5. Traditions and customs.

At the time New Year's celebrate, many Germans
are watching the holiday TV program, listen to
music and play board games.It is interesting
what the coming year it is cooking, make a wish.
Popular custom of the so-called Bleigießen divination in the future.

6. Celebrate table.

New Year's table in Germany is not as rich as in Russia. The traditional
dish is baked carp, silvery scales which, as it remember let the new
year will bring more money! However ,housewives prefer less not
difficult food more popular fondue and raclette as well as snacks cheese , ham and sweets . A delicious cake or pastry will and decorate
your Christmas table . Fruits - tangerines and pineapple, as well as of
desserts and ice cream are served last. Drinks, champagne is always
present, which fills the glasses when the clock strikes midnight . Other
traditional drink on New Year's table is punch .

7. Pictures.

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