“Sport for Healthy Life Style”
There are some popular kinds of sports:
There are summer and winter sports:
Sport in my life
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Sport for Healthy Life Style

1. “Sport for Healthy Life Style”

«Turan» University
Student: Baubekova Alexandra
Course: the 1st
Group: 1G-2
Specialization: translation studies
Teacher: Zatonskaya T.M.


Sport is very important in our life. It is popular
among young and old people.


Many people do
morning exercises, jog
in the morning, train
themselves in clubs,
in different sections
and take part in sport


Other people like
sports too, but they
only watch sports
games, listen to
sports news. They
prefer reading
interesting stories
about sportsmen. But
they don't go in for


Рhysical training is an
important subject at
school. Pupils have got
physical training lessons
twice a week. Boys and
girls play volleyball and
basketball at the lessons.
There is a sportsground
near our school and
schoolchildren go in for
sports in the open air. A
lot of different
competitions are held at
schools, a great number
of pupils take part in
them. All participants try
to get good results and
become winners.


Sport helps people to keep in good health. If
you go in for sports, you have good health and
don't catch cold. Children and grown-ups must
take care of their health and do morning
exercises regularly.

7. There are some popular kinds of sports:


Athletics is the general term used to describe a
wide range of sports. It includes such kinds of
sports as running, jumping and others.

9. There are summer and winter sports:

10. Sport in my life

Sport is very important in my life. When I was
studying at school I danced,played volleyball
and basketball. I have many trophies and
diploms. Now I go to fitness club.
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