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The structure of a business plan online store
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Online Store Budget
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Business plan. Online store

1. Business plan

Online store


Before we start discussing the business
plan of an online store, we will dive a
bit into the theory of the emergence of
online stores. To create an online store
all fit differently. Some, as an additional
sales market to an existing business,
for example, companies such as MVideo, Polaris. Others are considering
the possibility of creating an online
store from scratch, which is a classic of
the genre.

3. Swot analisys

STRENGTHS - Permanent high demand - Lack of legal
restrictions - Lack of special conditions of storage and delivery
Relative unemployment of some niches in small cities - One of
the highest margins from 100-150%
SPAIN PARTIES - very high level of competition - expensiveness
of retail space in shopping centers - low demand in aboveaverage segments
Opportunities - Preservation of a certain demand even in the
conditions of an economic crisis there is a demand for niche
expensive clothes - The development of shopping centers large,
medium and large cities will reduce the cost of rent
THREATS - Substantial drop in demand due to crisis conditions,
especially for expensive clothes

4. As practice shows

In our country, a common way to open a "clean" online
store. Since this method has certain advantages:
a) no costs for the maintenance of warehouse space;
b) there is no risk of raising the rent, terminating the lease
c) not afraid of lower prices for goods stored in the
d) do not need a staff of service personnel (security,
cleaning, etc.);
d) and most importantly, it is reasonable prices, achieved
due to the above conditions.

5. The structure of a business plan online store

Before writing a business plan, you need to decide what
you need an online store for, analyze the interests of the
target audience, understand the goals and objectives of
the online store and understand what documents you
need to open an online store. Further, the following items
are included in the business plan:
A) Analysis of competitors. It is necessary to understand
their weak points, be it the structure of Internet projects,
service, logistics, high prices, etc.
B) Advertising policy. You need to decide which target
audience you need, create a portrait of it, determine the
advertising budget and choose the most effective types
of advertising.
C) The structure of the online store. On which "engine" will
be created, what will be the structure, the number of
pages, sections, design, understand the cost of hosting.

6. The structure of a business plan online store

D) Web Studio. At this stage, you consult with the
studio, find out how much your idea is feasible from
a technical point of view, acceptable cost and
terms of work.
D) Financing. It is necessary to clearly represent your
own funds or borrowed funds. When borrowed funds
need to determine the maximum interest rate and
repayment period.
E) Attendance. In this case, the planning of
attendance of the online store, and the calculation
of the average cost of the order and profit
Next, you proceed to the organizational aspects
and budgeting online store.

7. Online store organization

For the normal functioning of the online store you need:
a) office - because most often buyers do not come there,
respectively, the main thing, telephone lines and a dedicated
channel on the Internet;
b) accounting, cash register;
c) experienced sales consultants;
d) delivery service
The main drawback in the online store compared to offline
stores is the inability to “touch” the product. Although this minus
can actually be eliminated using the service, give the
opportunity to check it at the time of delivery to the buyer.
Having understood all the strengths and weaknesses of online
trading, it is necessary to begin to consider the financial
component, that is, to create an online store budget.

8. Online Store Budget

The budget online store consists of:
- Lump sum budget
- Monthly budget expenses:
The one-time cost unit includes:
Organizational expenses - $ 900 (registration of a company, bank account, etc.).
Buying furniture - $ 700.
Purchase of computers and office equipment for 4 jobs - $ 3500.
Installation of the local network and its configuration - $ 300.
Development of an online store (structure, design and administrative interface) from $ 1500.
In this case, CMS is purchased, for example, "1C - Bitrix". If you want to bring to mind
the price of the issue can grow to $ 3000-4000.
6. Internet advertising - from $ 2500.
Purchasing a server for an online store and placing it at the provider is excluded,
because most often at the initial stage there is enough provider power.
Total: $ 5900

9. Online Store Budget

Monthly budget expenses:
Monthly expenses include:
1. Accounting services - $ 400.
2. Office rent - $ 600. (About 20 sq. M.).
3. Payment for telephone lines - $ 150.
4. Internet - $ 150.
5. Hosting cost - $ 30.
6. Salary to staff (2 sales managers, purchasing manager,
courier) - $ 2500.
7. Office expenses - $ 200.
Total: 4030 $

10. Online Store Profitability

Based on my experience, I often heard two different opposing
opinions about the profitability of an online store:
Online store wildly profitable enterprise every second online
store for half a year - a year goes bankrupt
On the one hand, this is true, but on the other hand, the
profitability and accuracy of the business plan of an online
store will depend on how carefully and thoroughly you have
thought through and calculated everything.
I can say that profitability will depend on the commodity item
you are trading. For example, going to “zero” trading digital
technology is possible on average a year later, but if you are
related to books or music CDs, this period may increase from
two to three years or more.
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