Top 4 famous people
Adolf Hitler
Johnny Depp
Jeff Bezos
Ilon Mask
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Top 4 famous people

1. Top 4 famous people


2. Adolf Hitler

German politician, orator and
demagogue, founder and central
figure of National Socialism, founder
of the totalitarian dictatorship of the
Third Reich.

3. Johnny Depp

At the age of 20, Depp married Lori
Anne Allison, the makeup artist, who
was five years older. She introduced
Johnny to Nicolas Cage. Cage
persuaded Depp to meet with his
agent, who gave him a test for the
role in the movie "A Nightmare on
Elm Street", which was Depp's first
acting job.

4. Jeff Bezos

American entrepreneur, head and
founder of the Internet company, founder and owner of the
aerospace company Blue Origin [3] and
owner of the publishing house The
Washington Post [4]. In 2018, he became
the richest man according to Forbes,
taking the first line with a fortune of $ 150

5. Ilon Mask

Co-founder of PayPal; Founder, Co-Owner,
General Manager, and Chief Engineer of
SpaceX; CEO and the main ideological
inspirer of Tesla; he was also a member of
the board of directors of SolarCity, founded
by his cousins, prior to its merger with Tesla.
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