I want to travel to Canada
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I want to travel to Canada

1. I want to travel to Canada



Canada is a sovereign
state in the northern
part of North America. Its ten provinces and
three territories extend from the Atlantic to the
Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean,
covering 9.98 million square kilometres,
making it the world's second-largest country by
total area and the fourth-largest country by
land area. Canada's border with the United
States is the world's longest land border.
Canada is sparsely populated, the majority of
its land territory being dominated by forest and
tundra and the Rocky Mountains; about fourfifths of the country's population of 35 million
people live near the southern border.


Space of natural beauty of Canada, with mountains and glaciers, lonely
lakes and the forests, have almost not equal around the world. Canada
was repeatedly estimated as one of the countries of the world which
are most acceptable for life.
Interesting sights
Natural beauty of the country, with a set of
natural miracles, is indisputable, but Canada
also has interesting man-made sights.
They include architectural feats, such as Si-En
Tauer; historical places as Quebec fortress and
outstanding cultural sights which include the
museums and galleries of a world class.


Wonderful nature
The few countries can brag of numbers and the range of
natural miracles as Canada. To it's her most spectacular and
popular natural sights referred: Canadian Rocky Mountain
Parks World Heritage Site, Niagara Falls, Dinosaur Provincial
Park, Nahanni National Park Reserve and many other
picturesque places.


Canada is the available country for
rest. Historically Canadian dollar
costs less, than the USA, thus, the
prices in there in general
reasonable for travelers. In 2005
the Canadian cities were
recognized as one among the most
available. Even the most expensive
Canadian city of Toronto takes only
the 82 place in a rating of the most
expensive cities of the world, and
Ottawa is allocated as the most
available city of North America.


As an edition to the vatious cities, natural environmetn of Canada is one
Ato Canada despite of your
of the most beautiful in the world. Go
preferences and it won't dissapoint you.
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