Pavlodar region
Administrative division
Government of Pavlodar region
Physiographic characteristic
Bayanaul National Park
Mosque named after Mashkhur Zhusup
Lake Zhasybay
Lake Zhasybay
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Pavlodar region

1. Pavlodar region


on the
banks of
The region is located in the northeast of the
Republic of Kazakhstan and borders in the north
with Omsk, the northeast with Novosibirsk, in the
east with the Altai Territory of the Russian
Federation, in the south with the East
Kazakhstan and Karaganda regions, in the west
with Akmola and North Kazakhstan regions of
the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3. Administrative division

The region includes 10
districts, 3 cities of regional
subordination , 7 settlements,
165 rural districts and 408
Administrative map of the region
Aktogay district
Bayanaul area
Zhelezinsky District
Irtysh district
Terenkol district
Akkulinsky district
May district
Pavlodar district
Uspensky district
Shcherbakty area
Aksu city
Pavlodar city
Ekibastuz city

4. Government of Pavlodar region

Bakauov Bulat Zhumabekovich - mayor of Pavlodar regi on
Born in Novokuzminka, Zhelezinsky district, Pavlodar region
From April 12, 2014 to March 25, 2016 - Akim of the city of Pavlodar.
From March 25, 2016 by the decree of the President of the Republic
of Kazakhstan he was appointed Akim of Pavlodar region

5. Physiographic characteristic

The region occupies one of the leading
places in the mineral resource complex of
the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The total value of the balance reserves
of solid minerals of Pavlodar Irtysh is
estimated at 460 billion dollars. It is coal
and a variety of metals, including gold,
building materials and more.

6. Climate

The climate of Pavlodar
region is sharply
continental, characterized
by a long cold winter (5.5
months), hot and short
summer (3 months).

7. Terrain

This is one of the most picturesque corners of
Kazakhstan, one of the best places for
recreation and tourist trips, traveling to a
fairy tale in reality. More than 140 rivers flow
through the region. The only major river is the
Irtysh. The Tundyk, Ashchysu and Shiderty
rivers begin in the small hills, reaching the
Irtysh and ending in the closed lakes. There are
many lakes in the region, mainly saline:
Seletyteniz, Kyzylkak, Zhalauly, Shureksor,
Karasor, Zhamantuz, Kalkaman, etc. - on the
left bank; Maraldy, Moildy, Big Azhbulat and
others - on the right bank.

8. Economy

The leading industry in the region,
providing more than 70% of the production
volume of the manufacturing industry is
the metallurgical industry and metal
1.Ferrous metallurgy
2. Non-ferrous metallurgy
3. Mechanical Engineering and
4. Chemical industry
5. Fuel and energy complex

9. Bayanaul National Park

10. Mosque named after Mashkhur Zhusup

11. Lake Zhasybay

12. Lake Zhasybay

13. Goose flight

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