Capital bra
How did he become famous?
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Capital bra. German Rapper

1. Capital bra

German Rapper

2. Biography

Artist name : Capital bra
Real name : Vladislav Balovatsky
Nationality : half Russian half Ukrainian
Born : 23 November 1994 in Siberia
Lives in ukraine ( Dnipro ) and in Berlin
He wrote his first rap song when he was eleven
His hobby was football
Because of his behavior he had to change many schools
and after his ninth grade he has broken the school
When he was 14years old, he came into juvenile
detention, because he broke the law of drugs

3. How did he become famous?

He starts with rap battles and win some times
A big band ( 187 ) pusht him with some songs
with him

4. Prices

Won two times the golden record
And his single was two times on the first place

5. Best songs

“Nur noch gucci” 29 Mio visits
“Paff Paff weiter” 24 Mio visits
“ Ghetto Mssari” 10 Mio visits
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