The transportation system in Ottawa
Buses in Ottawa
Ottawa Rail transport
Air transport in Ottawa
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The transportation system in Ottawa

1. The transportation system in Ottawa



Ottawa - a city where buses and cars is the main transport, in addition, the
road here simply in excellent condition.
Their length is very great, all local
roads woven into a dense network,
which covers the city and the suburbs.

3. Buses in Ottawa

Ottawa - it is one of the rare cities where buses follow a very precise
schedule. Additionally, traffic density varies at different times and
reaches its maximum intensity in the rush hour. Typically, at this time
buses move with at least one flight of 5 minutes. All buses are
modern and comfortable, in addition, they are equipped with air
conditioning. Travel mark on the ticket makes the driver, usually one
ticket valid for several trips, since it is not issued by one run, and for
a certain period of time.

4. Ottawa Rail transport

In the city, tourists and residents are able to actively use the
rail. As a rule, this transport is more comfortable than the
bus, however, it has a disadvantage - the train moving at low
speed, leading to an increase in travel time. The fare in a
suburban, and even long-distance train, went to the capital to
be lower than in the bus, which is why this transport demand.

5. Air transport in Ottawa

Since Ottawa - it is one of the central cities of large country like
Canada, there is a very busy airport, which is constantly observed
demand for airline services. However, this does not make more
available tickets for flights. Locals as well as tourists and some who
know about the possibility to save money, acquire tickets for flights
during sales and promotions.
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