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The history of Los Angeles


Full name: Los Angeles (Los Angeles, LA)
State California
Year of foundation: 1781
Population: 2.8 million people.
Population (with environs): 17.7 million people.
Area: 1300 square kilometers.
Zaida Talgatkyzy


The history of Los Angeles begins about 10-20 thousand years
ago, long before the appearance on the mainland of the first
Europeans: all this time there were concentrated several villages of
Indians who were engaged in hunting and gathering. The
permanent settlement was founded on September 4, 1781 and was
named El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles di Porciuncula.
For several decades it was just a small town, but in 1820 its
population exceeded 600 people, and after thirty years received the
official status of the city. Since then, the city is developing rapidly
and today it is a huge metropolis with a multi-million population
and developed infrastructure.


According to the statistical report for 2006-2008, there were
3,749,058 inhabitants, 1,275,534 households and 778,991
households (as of July 1, 2009, 3,831,868 residents). The density of
the population, thus, was 2904.9 people per km². The racial makeup
of the city was 49.5% White, 9.9% African American, 0.6% Indian,
10.4% Asian, 0.2% indigenous, Pacific Islander, 26.5% races. 48.4% of
the population defined their origin as Latin American. In Los Angeles,
one of the largest diasporas of the Asian and Latin American
population lives among the cities of the United States. The city also has
a significant Armenian diaspora.


Halloween In late October, everyone in
Day of the Dead (Dia de los
Los Angeles is preparing for the
traditional Halloween, celebrated on the
Halloween, on November 1 and 2,
eve of All Saints Day, on October 31.
the Mexican community celebrates
Literally everywhere - in city parks,
one of the most important holidays squares and other public places are
the Day of the Dead (Dia de los
houses with ghosts, pumpkins in the
form of a head and other attributes of
Muertos), dedicated to the memory
this ancient pagan holiday. Cinemas
of the dead. Arrange various with
performances at home and on the organize marathons of horror films, and
street, dedicating to this day festive many organizations and communities
come up with something new to
exhibitions and performances,
participate in various costume
passing from Olvera Street to the
competitions. During Halloween all
Hollywood Cemetery Hollywood
around the city everyone is happy and
Forever Cemetery.
having fun, and in the West Hollywood
area there is an unusual carnival that
stands out among other events with
absolutely outrageous madness.


For many decades, Hollywood has been
associated with the film industry and
television in particular. In this area
of Los Angeles, a huge number of
American films were filmed. Although
today large studios have relocated to
other places, Hollywood remains the
symbol of film business. Huge white
letters against the background of green
hills - the main sign of the "dream
factory". Hollywood's logo is found in
hundreds of films, Americans even play
a trick on it, but still guarded as an
important and valuable landmark of the


Incredible shows and all kinds of shows,
the most ambitious projects and beauty
contests - which only did not see the
elegant and luxurious theater "Kodak"
(Dolby Theater), located on the
Hollywood Boulevard of Los Angeles.
And, of course, this popular attraction,
which annually hosts millions of
tourists, has its own, special history,
which began long ago here, in the
entertainment city and the most
developed film industry - Los Angeles.
Theater "Dolby", where every year one
can observe the world stars, going along
the red carpet behind the next "Oscar".


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