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Los Angeles Attractions

1. Los Angeles Attractions

Los Angeles is a city of dreams, a "blue dream" of young and ambitious people
who come here for big money and a bright life. It is a city of celebrity, total luxury
and prosperity. And it does not really matter what really lies behind the facades
of buildings and brilliant decorations.
Over the years, young, energetic and beautiful young people rushed to Los
Angeles. They created a special atmosphere of "chosenness", an easy life under
the bright Californian sun. Beaches, luxury hotels, nightclubs, parties, fashion
stores - the whole gigantic entertainment industry is operating in the city at full
For tourists, a trip to Los Angeles is an opportunity to see for yourself the
environment of Hollywood stars, to touch the magic of the film industry, and also
feel like a carefree "burner of life".

2. Hollywood

The most famous area of Los Angeles, where there
are world famous film studios and popular films are
created. The most visited places in Hollywood are
the famous Walk of Fame, Hollywood Boulevard
and Sunset Boulevard. In the historical theaters of
the district, premieres of future bestsellers are
often held, as well as an Oscar award. Many
celebrities are buried in the local cemetery.

3. Beverly Hills

Stylish and rich urban area, where mainly
celebrities live, famous athletes, industrial
magnates, wealthy foreigners and politicians. In
1919, the actor D. Fairbanks, Jr., settled here. He
was followed by Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino
and other famous people. Especially for tourists, a
bus tour of the luxurious streets of Birirli-Hills is

4. Santa Monica

The area is located in the west of Los Angeles just off the
coast. Like Beverly Hills, wealthy people and celebrities
also live here. Santa Monica is a popular seaside resort,
the area gained fame in the 80s. XX century. Local
beaches are in high demand among surfers, fashionable
party-goers, young seekers of pleasures. To the services
of tourists - a wonderful infrastructure and
entertainment facilities for every taste.

5. Hollywood's "Walk of Fame"

Hollywood's "Walk of Fame"
Pedestrian pavement, located on Hollywood Boulevard
and Vine Street. The place has gained fame thanks to
memorial tables in the form of stars that are built into
the pavement. These stars engrave the names of movie
actors, artists, cartoon characters and even individual
companies. To get to the Alley of Stars, celebrities should
apply to the Chamber of Commerce of the Hollywood
District and pay 25 thousand dollars.

6. Walt Disney Concert Hall

The original building of modern architecture,
erected in 2003 by the design of F. Gary. Financing
of this project was carried out by the wife of W.
Disney. The design is designed in such a way that a
great acoustics is created in the hall. Futuristic
panels of the facade of the concert hall due to their
irregular shape in the bright sun look like frozen
congestion of ice.

7. Getty Center

The cultural center, which is considered one of the
largest in the world. Here is stored a huge amount of
priceless works of art. The museum was opened in 1997,
more than $ 1.3 billion was spent on its creation. In the
financing, actively participated billionaire J.-P. Getty - a
collector, a connoisseur of antiques and a great
enthusiast. The Getty Center consists of several
pavilions, where paintings, sculptures, objects of arts
and crafts are exhibited.

8. Disneyland

A famous amusement park, known to every American
(and not only) since childhood. It is located in the city of
Anaheim south of Los Angeles. The park was opened in
1955 and since then has acquired several branches
around the world. Disneyland is a real fairy-tale city
where the characters of Walt Disney live, magical castles
rise, there are entire painted cities and every day there
are bright memorable shows.

9. Hollywood Bowl

Concert Hall in the open air and a museum located on
the Hollywood Hills. Since the 20-ies. XX century,
concerts of famous musical groups such as "The Beatles"
and "Depeche Mode" are held here. Also, world
symphony orchestras often perform here. The building is
built in the form of an amphitheater, which provides
excellent acoustics. In the museum you can look at old
posters, tickets and various concert attributes of the

10. Los Angeles Museum of Natural History

The museum building is a monumental marble
structure with a dome roof and a colonnade, it is
included in the American Register of Historic Places.
The museum was opened in 1913, afterwards for
several decades until 1975 additional rooms were
attached to it. The museum collection is considered
the largest in the western part of the USA, 33
million exhibits are stored in the funds.

11. Madame Tussauds museum

Hollywood department of the world famous
museum of wax figures. Here you can admire Brad
Pitt, Johnny Depp, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth
Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and many other legendary
celebrities, as well as television stars and singers.
Curiously, the Madame Tussauds Museum in Los
Angeles is more frequented than the "head office"
located in London.

12. California Science Center

The museum was founded in the middle of XX century.
The collection consists of exhibits demonstrating
achievements in the field of space exploration, aviation,
high-tech and science-intensive industry. The territory is
divided into several thematic zones, a separate room is
allocated for the demonstration of the shuttle Endeavor.
The museum also has an IMAX cinema. Often the
scientific center organizes various thematic events.

13. Griffith Observatory

The observatory is a popular tourist object and at the
same time a serious scientific institution. It was opened
in 1935. Visitors can go to a presentation or lecture in
the planetarium, as well as to view a thematic
exhibition, where telescopes and planetary models are
demonstrated. During the Second World War pilots
trained in the observatory, in the 1960s. there were
prepared astronauts for the flight to the moon.


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