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My dream holiday


СОШ №3
Копылов Семён
9 “Г” класс
2016 год




I think every person
has a dream. It can be both
physical and financial, material
and spiritual. Someone dreams
of a good car, a happy love,
wealth. But I dream of a
vacation, which I would
remember all my life. Now I
would like to tell you more
about it.
Maybe my vacation is
impossible dream, but
nevertheless I dream about
holidays on the Mars. It may
seem strange, maybe even
funny, but I believe that
technological progress would
give us a great opportunity to
spend some time on the Mars.


First, I foresee how I’m getting ready for this exciting journey. Before it I have to go
quite a long physical training: learn the basics of astronautics, mechanics, etc. All
this might take several years.
Suppose, I have done it!!!!! My crew and me arrive and we are heading to the
Mars. Do you think everything is so fun and fast? No. The Mars is located within
distance of 55.76 million kilometers away from the Earth. It is about 210 days to fly,
fly and fly again, so my dream vacation would have to be extended one. Yes, the
road takes a lot of time, but it's worth to be on the "red planet".


We reach the Mars in the end. Here it is – the Mars!!! It’s all red (because it contains
iron), full of dust. We put on spacesuits and go out. The gravity on the Mars is 40%
weaker than that on the Earth, in this connection to walk here is easier. For example, if
you throw a stone down, it is much slower to fly. And the temperature is poor. The
weather is always awfully freezing (-50C usual, but it happens -120C). So, existence
without the space suit on the Mars is impossible.


The Mars is quite beautiful. There are many plains, craters, canyons, and even parched
riverbeds. I even see the largest volcano in the solar system – the Olympus Mons.
What an exciting view!!!! Early morning is foggy and frosty here. But in my opinion,
the most impressive weather phenomenon is dust storms.
I foresee how I succeed to grow something on the Mars. Anything may happen.


I imagine that every day brings something new for us. Eternal search is
exciting. It is very interesting and useful for me and I would spent my vacation
in such a way. And then on arrival back on the Earth, our crew will be
considered heroes and pioneers.


Of course, this is only a dream. But there is no harm in dreaming, and dreams come
true. But my dream is very far, and I hope someday I'll be a little closer to it and it
would have been realized.
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