Moscow State Institute of International Relations
Departments and educational institutions MGIMO
Interesting facts
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Moscow State Institute of International Relations


Vinogradova Nina 8 «V»

2. Moscow State Institute of International Relations

One of the leading Russian universities.
Preparing 12 educational programs (international economic relations,
regional studies, international law, political science, public
administration, journalism, public relations, economy and trading
The University consists of eight faculties and six institutes.
Founded October 14, 1944.

3. Departments and educational institutions MGIMO

Department of International Economic Relations
Faculty administration
Department of Applied Economics and Commerce
International Institute of Management
International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy
Institute of International Relations and Management
School of Business and international competences
Department of Basic Training
European Studies Institute at MGIMO
(University) MFA Russia

4. Interesting facts

Officially listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the university teaching the
largest number of state of foreign languages (54 foreign languages, including
Russian as a foreign language).
The first set of MGIMO (1943) amounted to 200 students, the first edition was 120
people in 1948.
Since 1946, students from foreign countries were directed to study at MGIMO.
MGIMO - the leading center for training specialists in international affairs.
One of the leading humanitarian Russia and CIS universities.
The teaching staff consists of more than 150 doctors of sciences and 400
candidates (including 300 professors)
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