Magic creatures
"Half horse, half eagle creatures, immensely proud and extremely dangerous."
a non-being and Dark creature, considered one of the foulest to inhabit the world.
Protection from Dementors
the King of Serpents
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Magic creatures

1. Magic creatures

2. "Half horse, half eagle creatures, immensely proud and extremely dangerous."



Hippogriffs come in several
different colours, including:
stormy grey, bronze,
pinkish roan, gleaming
chestnut, and inky black..

4. Behaviour

•proud creatures
•lay only a single, fragile egg
•an individual must show proper respect by
bowing to them
•can also be fiercely loyal and protective of
those who have earned their trust
•the diet: insects, birds, ferrets, worms

5. a non-being and Dark creature, considered one of the foulest to inhabit the world.



feed upon human happiness
• consume a person's soul, leaving their
victims in a permanent vegetative state
• leave a person as an 'empty-shell'


•three metres
•body is greyed and decayed
•rattling breath
•seem to exude cold
•can sense whether a presence is near them
or not, by sensing the victim's emotions

8. Protection from Dementors

a magical manifestation of
good will and happiness,
providing varied levels of
protection against the
Dementors' influence,
based on the caster's
strength as a wizard.

9. the King of Serpents



•born from a chicken's egg
•gigantic size
•murderous stare


immune to a
deadly gaze
terrified of the Basilisk

12. Pixies

Legendary creature
United Kingdom
Cornwall, Devon
Moor, Forest, Cave, Garden
A Pixie is a small, bright blue mischiefmaker, and loves tricks and practical jokes.
It is able to fly, and enjoys lifting people up
by their ears and depositing them on the
tops of trees and buildings, showing
incredible strength for creatures of their
size. Pixies can only communicate with
other pixies; their voices are described as
"so shrill it was like listening to a lot of
arguing budgies". They bear live young.

13. Phoenix

14. Phoenix

The phoenix is a large swan-sized scarlet
bird with red and gold plumage, along with
a golden beak and talons, black eyes, and
a tail as long as a peacock's. Its scarlet
feathers glow faintly in darkness, while its
golden tail feathers are hot to the touch.

15. Phoenix

• Ability to regenerate itself.
• Phoenixes are immune to the gaze of
a basilisk
• The phoenix can also disappear and
reappear at will in bursts of flames and
take whoever is holding them along, and
boasts magical tears and song.
• They are capable of arriving to the aid of
beings who share a similar devotion
• Their tears have potent healing
• The phoenix song will increase the
courage of the good and strike fear into
the hearts of the evil.
• Phoenixes are capable of lifting a great
weight with their tails
• They can also leave messages by
bursting into flame to reappear
elsewhere, leaving behind a single
golden tail feather.

16. Goblin

Goblins are magical creatures chiefly
involved with metal work and the running of
Gringotts bank. They are represented by
the Goblin Liaison Office in the Department
for the Regulation and Control of Magical
Creatures. Goblins are anthropoid,
described as having long, thin fingers and
feet, black eyes, and domed heads much
larger than human heads in proportion to
the body.


House-elves are small elves used by
wizards as slaves. They are 2–3 feet
tall, with spindly limbs and oversized
heads and eyes. They have pointed,
bat-like ears and high, squeaky


Dobby is a house-elf once
owned by the Malfoy family,
who first appears in Harry
Potter and the Chamber of
Secrets to discourage Harry
from returning to Hogwarts.
Dobby's name is derived from a
creature in English folklore.
This creature performs
household chores and is kind to
children, as is the character in
the series.


The werewolf is a creature that exists only for
a brief period around the full moon. At any other
time, a werewolf is a normal human. However,
the term werewolf is used for both the wolf-like
creature and the normal human. A werewolf can
be distinguished from a true wolf physically by
several small distinguishing characteristics,
including the pupils, snout, and tufted tail.


Thestrals are an elusive,
carnivorous species of winged
horse, visible only to those who
have witnessed and embraced a
death, and described as having
"blank, white, shining eyes," a
"dragonish face," "long, black
manes," "great leathery wings," and
the "skeletal body of a great, black,
winged horse"; also described by
Hagrid as "dead clever and useful".
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