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Coul Sprous-american actorr

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About Coul Sprous
By Nastya Klycheva


Coul Sprous-american actorr.He has brother twinDylan Sprous with which he began to activity
acting.They glorified thanks Disney serial.Coul
played boy knowing absolutely everythink.He
played in serial by NetFlix at the moment.


• At the age of 7 Coul made his debut in a big
movie - it was a comedy tape "Big Daddy",
where he alternated with his brother played
the role of their coeval named Julian. In
connection with his studies, he paused in his
acting career, noting that he considered
moving to New York as a terrific event that
enabled him to understand how spoiled he
was, to reassess his achievements and really
feel daily self-realization.


• the parents of the future celebrity
were educated people - teachers of
English. When Cole was 5 years old,
my father and mother parted. The
boys began to live with their father,
and soon they had a new mother.
Now all members of the family in the
same composition live in Los
Angeles.The first experience of filming
came to the twins thanks to the
initiative of their grandmother, an
actress in the past. The real luck for
them was a profitable contract with
the Disney film company. After that,
the boys became well-paid and were
recognized as the richest among the
children actors.
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