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Football club Barcelona

1. FC Barcelona.

Fulfilled: student of faculty of sport
group 71109 Aydar Hafizov.
Teacher: Aliya Garipova Nakipova

2. Més que un club.

Football club Barcelona (cat. Futbol Club Barcelona, Spanish Fútbol
Club Barcelona), also known as Barça (Spanish and cat. Barça) is a
Catalan professional football club from the same city, one of the
most renowned clubs in Spain and in the world. Founded in 1899
by group of Swiss, British, Spanish and Catalan footballers led by
joana the Gamper. The club became one of the symbols of Catalonia,
hence the motto — Més que un club — "More than a club"
Més que un club.

3. Emblem.

The emblem has the form of a "pot" that is divided into
three quartely. In the top two reproduced flag of the
city of Barcelona (that is the Cross of St. George and the
flag of Catalonia). At the bottom is a leather ball of the
sample first half of XX century on the background of
blue and maroon stripes — the colors of the club. In the
center of the shield on a gold strip that separates the
upper and lower part of the coat of arms, displayed the
initials of the name of the club FCB (Football Club
Barcelona).Throughout the club's history there have
been several variations of the emblem of the club, but
almost always with the same design — basically, the
case involved a cosmetic innovations. So since its
inception, the club used the arms of the city of
Barcelona as its own, thus demonstrating a close
connection with his native city, and only in 1910 the
leadership raised the question about creating your own
logo. A competition was held, which was won by
Carles Commala. During the reign of Francisco Franco
abbreviation FCB were replaced by CFB (Club de
Futbol Barcelona), four red sticks were replaced by
government order for two with the intention that it was
not the Catalan flag.

4. The stadium

of football club "Barcelona" is called "camp Nou" (Camp Nou in Spanish).
Official opening of the stadium took place on September 24, 1957[25]. Since its opening in
1957, the stadium belonged to the Catalan football club was initially called Estadi del FC
Barcelona (Stadium of FC "Barcelona"), however even then it was called camp Nou.
Officially its current name it received in 2000[26]. Camp Nou — the largest stadium
capacity, not only in Spain but throughout Europe: it holds 99 354 spectators.The camp
Nou has been rebuilt several times. The first time was in 1981 the stadium was expanded
to carrying out on it of matches of the world Cup 1982 held in Spain; the capacity of the
camp Nou were increased to 120 000 spectators. The second restructuring was carried out
in 1998 in connection with the introduction of UEFA's new rules requiring that all seats
must be equipped with seats. In order to see the stadium preserved as much as possible, I
had to lower the level of the lawn. At the moment the capacity of the stadium is 99,354
spectators. The size of a football field is 105x68 metres. Camp Nou is one of the few
European stadiums that UEFA estimates of five stars
The stadium


6. Academy.

On the territory of the stadium is the
official center officials of FC Barcelona,
the office of management and Museum of
the football club, which is the most
frequently visited Museum in Catalonia.
In addition, the camp Nou is the main
part of the complex, which also includes
the "Mini Estadi" (Spanish Mini estadi) —
twenty-thousand stadium, where we train
a team sports school club, "La Masia"
(Spanish La Masía) — the building where
live the young pupils of the club, and
"Blue garnet Palace" (app. Palau
Blaugrana) — building for 8 000
spectators, where they played basketball,
handball, hockey and mini-soccer team of
the club.


About the achievements of Barcelona can talk
endlessly. But for me this club is more than just a
club, every match I'm worried as if it were your
last. I'm a fan of Barcelona for 7 years, during that
time there were UPS and downs, but I always
remained faithful to the club and I will continue
to believe in him now. Favorite players, favorite
coach, favorite TEAM IS BARCELONA

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