My favorite sports club AK BARS (Kazan)
Head coaches:
Head coach Zinetulla Bilyaletdinov
The captain of the team Alexander Svitov
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My favorite sports club AK BARS (Kazan)

1. My favorite sports club AK BARS (Kazan)

Fulfilled the student of group
71111 Khismatov Renal

2. History:

The team formed in 1956 under the name
of "Mosstroy". The first two seasons took
part in the championship of Kazan,
succeeding in their opening remarks the
name to "SK Uritsky".
In the Championships of country acts since
1958.Name: "SK Uritsky" (1958-1990),
"ITIL" (1990-1995), "AK bars" (1995).

3. Head coaches:

Anatoly Muravyev (1956-65, 1966-68)
Ismail Milush (1965-66, 1968-71)
Eugene Yegorov (1971-75)
Vladimir Andreev (1975-78),
Vladimir Vasilyev (1978-82)
Oleg Goleman (1982-84)
Gennady Tsygurov (1984-87)
Vitaly Stain (1987-88)
Vsevolod Elfimov (1988-91, 1994-95)
Yuri Ognev (1991-92),
Vladimir Gusev (1992)
Viktor Kuznetsov (1992-94)
Yuri Moiseev (1995-99, 2001-02)
Vladimir Krikunov (1999-01)
Vladimir Plyuschev (2002-03)
Vladimir Vuitek (2003-04)
Zinetula Bilyaletdinov (2004-∞)

4. Аchievements:

Deterriorating of the European Cup in 2007.
14 Jan 2007 the hockey club "AK bars" in the final of the
European Cup, the team beat "COD" (Hämeenlinna) with the
score 6:0 for the first time in their history won this trophy.
Three-time champion of Russia (1997/1998, 2005/2006,
2008/2009 years)(2008/09 — KHL Gagarin Cup)
three-time silver medalist of Russian
Championships(1999/2000, 2001/2002, 2006/2007)
Bronze medalist Russia (2003/2004)
two-time champion of the RSFSR (1962, 1976)
Bronze medal winner of the Continental Cup (1999)
Winner of the Continental Cup (2008)
Cup Winner of the season Opening 2009/2010

5. Stadium:

"Tatneft-arena", its total capacity 11 900 (10
000 during a hockey game) viewers.
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