Ecologic Problems
The biggest dump in the world is the “Pacific Dump Gyre”
There are many ways to recycle garbage
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Ecologic problems

1. Ecologic Problems

Gorsky Leonid

2. Itroduction

Hi everyone,let me introduce myself,
I’m Leo Gorsky, I am student of 10”b”
class and today I am going to tell you
about ecologic problems.


First of all I need to say that ecologic
problem (I will say “EP”) is the most
sirious problem in our world, tons of
trash drop in the landfill every year, it
burns, smells and make people feel sick.


This remains a problem to this day.
For example in Moscow region even if people
make a meeting - authorities don’t do
But people are still forced to breathe polluted

5. The biggest dump in the world is the “Pacific Dump Gyre”

The main garbage taken out here – plastic.
The area of this dump is 6 thousand

6. There are many ways to recycle garbage

Pyrolysis is the most effective way
recycling trash
Advantages of this method:
production of pyrolysis oils
the selection of pyrolysis gas
the minimum amount of harmful
substances is allocated

7. Conclusion

in conclusion, I want to say that the
problems of environmental pollution
should be solved as quickly as possible
and better
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