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Ecological problems today


Ecological problems today
Zhuravlev Dima
Krylov Zhenya
10 class


Water pollution
Water pollution sources:
. Technogenic catastrophes. Industrial accidents.
. Thermal, radiation pollution.
. Organic pollution
. Solid waste, garbage


. The person makes waste daily, hourly and every minute.
. When people start reducing their litter, reusing and recycling
their everyday items, our planet will become a better place to live
. One must care about the enviroment.
. Environmental pollution is a great problem


Air pollution
Air pollution is a very serious
problem, because polluted air
can cause illness and even
death. Every year world
industry pollutes the
atmosphere with about 1500
million tons of dust and other
harmful substances. Many
cities suffer from smog, the
oxygen balance upsets. Cars
are polluting the air by exhaust
gases and other dangerous


. Millions of losses, jumps in inflation, hunger, mass death of people and animals.
All this-the effects of drought.
. Drought is a natural phenomenon characterized
by a long absence of precipitation and a consistently
high temperature, causing the disappearance of plants,
dehydration, hunger and death of animals and people. -


Hurricane is a very strong wind, the speed of which exceeds
120 kilometers per hour. If it reaches 180
kilometers, the hurricane is considered
to be very strong. It can be tropical and has
nothing to do with the tropics.


The number of victims of volcanic eruptions on the globe,
although unevenly distributed over the years,
has generally been increasing steadily for the
reasons mentioned above, taking a huge number
of lives. Over the past 500 years, 5 million people have died from volcanic
eruptions on Earth, that is, annually volcanic eruptions take an average of 10
thousand lives. However, during the years, the average losses from volcanic
eruptions amounted to 60 thousand people a year.


The end.
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